Saskatchewan vs Hamilton!

Riders vs Tiger-Cats to finish off the week should be exciting to see who is playing Quarterback for the riders and if the can 4-0 or not. Hamilton coming off a win and torched Saskatchewan last year I think makes this game very interesting.
Saskatchewan vs Hamilton Preview with Odds 8)

Going with the Max Upset and the Under who do you got?

This might be a good check to see if Hamilton deserves to be in the upper or lower tier of Eastern teams, but if Durant can play I don't give them much of a chance of winning.

Hamilton - 16
Roughriders - 34

Is Durant starting?

Chris "Big Daddy" Schultz (Big Daddy was an old nick name for Chris given to him by James Curry) anyway Chris predicts Saskatchewan will win an easy one against Hamilton 39 to 21 in favor of the Riders and spoil Kent Austin's return to Riderville.

I don't think so I believe Hamilton being the Big underdog in this game will rise to the occasion and pull one out against the Riders. Should be interesting in back to back games with the Ti-Cats and Riders, anything is possible like I say in the CFL. Hamilton has a young team going up against the more experienced Rider team but with Fantuz back and others getting healthy to play the Cats will be in a much better position to win.

Congratulations to the Rider Fans in Saskatchewan and CFL fans for selling out the 101st Grey Cup Game in Regina in November that's Great, good going!!


That still remains a game day decision by the Bench Boss. However, Rod Pedersen believes Durant will start from what he's seen in practice. Either or, I feel Drew Willy will play before garbage/clean-up time.

Taman pretty much confirmed DD is starting tonight on the pregame show.

Go Cats Go!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Fixed that for ya.

If DD is playing, Riders win!

Time to see how good this Rider D is. 500 yards last week against Toronto. Anything over 400 seals the best D so far for BC.

Well, in the opening sequence there they showed Kent Austin signing autographs for Rider fans and generally getting a friendly reaction. Nice to see. :thup:

Hey, Rob Ford is at this game too.


..we don't really need to know what you do in your rec room

What a boring game!!!

I don't find it boring at all. I really like watching Richie Hall's defence this year. Really creative sets. Butler's having a whale of a game.

This game is blown wide-open; 30-0 Riders....[ Before the start, I thought this game would be close.

Pretty fun when the O-Line can score a TD like that. You don't see it often.

Injuries hurting the Ti-Cats D, understandable that the Riders offense can take advantage of it, especially since they've played well to start the season. But who'da thunk the TiCats O would be this bad? to not even be in a position to get a rouge? Kent Austin has a great face for frowning IMO.