Saskatchewan vs Edmonton

well any predictions for the game??..riders are on a two game winning streak…where the offense looked well…offensive…of course Edmonton hasn’t looked real stellar either…I think the riders can win…and if the Eskismos wear their yellow jersey…a sure win for the riders!!!

.......I dont' think those yellow jersey will see the light of day for anytime soon......

As long as Edmonton beats them to the ground.
The more riders get beat up.Better chances of Toronto victory next week.
Did I mention 13 days of rest!!!LOL

I read today that the esks got the most sales of jerseys in like 4 years because of those god awful things. They said they plan to wear them one more time this year. it will be a home game though. I’d like to see our blacks for this game.

Should be a good game though. If Crandell can keep the passes out of the dirt, and those grubby hands of the esks secondary, I expect a win.

It shows the kind of taste Eskie fans have. :stuck_out_tongue:
I'm sorry for all you roughies out there, but Edmonton's gonna be pissed off going into this one, and I think they're gonna take it out on you.
Edmonton 27, Saskatchewan 10

If the Riders can get to Ray early and shake him up, and if our guys can remain relatively healthy, we'll have a chance - albeit a slim one. If Edmonton comes out quick and puts early points up on the board, we're done. Riders have shown they know how to blow a lead, but haven't really shown they can come from behind. If the Riders can't get up by more than a touchdown coming out of the half, I'd say we're cooked.

And you're right, Calgary4Life - it's certain Edmonton is going to be taking their loss out on us.

I think it was the marketing geniuses at Reebok that conceived those tobacco yellow jerseys.

And the Riders better look out - the Esks will be really snarly next game.

I'd be snarly too, if I'd had to wear those ugly jerseys for a full game the week before. . . :smiley:

Edmonton over Saskatchewan

I think Saskatchewans only way it will b=make the playoffs is by CO, this game will make sure that that will be the case.

How come nobody has faith in the Riders....
I say Riders by 3 and the only reasons are the rider defence and the fact that Crandell is not fantastic, but he won't make mistakes.

I have faith in the Riders, but Edmonton is always up for a game against them, and it won't be easy. If we can get to Ray early, we've got a great shot - Macocia doesn't really seem willing to put Maas in when Ray's struggling. If we can't get to him early, we're in very real trouble, and can kiss any possibility of a post-season goodbye. Riders should still be playing desperation mode (despite their two-game streak), which makes any team dangerous, and Edmonton's out to prove their loss last week was just a bump in the road. . .

Why don’t the riders deserve a chance Tvor?
Your playing Edmonton.

The outcome of the game will depend on which Esks' offence will show up. I picked the Esks to win but hope the Riders pull out the win.

I have to agree that we are in an uphill battle, but after watching Calgary stifle Edmonton through the last 6 quarters they played against them........ it's not unpossible.

As long as our defense watched the film and can (who really knows?) duplicate the schemes.......... we might have a shot.

That does include Crandell not showing Greene that he can fumble the ball and throw to the other colour jersey just as well as Greene could. So far, so good, but, Crandell wasn't exactly stellar in Calgary except for the end of 2001.

It'll be interesting regardless.

saskargo, did you move from somewhere else, or was it knowing the home team always lost that made you cheer for someone other than the Riders?

SASK. wins in a close one.

I am going with Edmonton. Crandell stuggled against Edmonton’s defense when he was with Calgary…although we didn’t have any good receivers. But I think Edmonton will run all over Crandell in an eskies win.

I dunno. As long as RD Lancaster's calling the plays...anybody has a shot. And our O-line better get their sh*t together as well. Don't the Riders have a bunch of formerly injured players coming back for this one?

a few of walking wounded have returned so should be some hope at least on defence..........the fact the riders haven't won a game against a .500 plus team yet............doesn't really instill a lot of confidence in me

yes. but we should have, or were very close to beating BC and Toronto, who are over .500

Nate Davis, Scott Shultz and the boyz are gonna eat Ray alive. Moose Jaw stomp anyone??

This isnot going to be nice for the riders I think the Eskies are due for a better game.

Still have no faith in either Sask QB.