Saskatchewan uniforms...

...are ugly.

No one wants to see those Joe Klecko/New York Jets era-like uniforms. Get silver helmets. You're better than this.

Get mostly silver and white and lightly trimmed in black and green uniforms. It's an eye sore in its current state.

Pass. I prefer the current uniforms over anything silver, anytime. Keep the colour.

[b]No one[/b] wants to see those Joe Klecko/New York Jets era-like uniforms. Get silver helmets. You're better than this.
I'd rather not have the creator of one of the ugliest and cheapest looking websites I've seen in my life speaking for me but thanks anyway, Ernie.

EZ; nothing wrong with the Green and White uni's they are vintage. When I was a kid I seen Sask. play in 1969 at Old Empire Stadium (Vancouver) in White with Green trim uni's up close. That was cool because back then, us kids got to run on the field and got to touch our Idols; getting to touch #53 Jack Abendschen of the Riders was priceless.

Our uniforms are great. stupid idea unless from a marketing standpoint. Besides we have bigger problems in Riderville than the astetics of our uniforms.

It's like a job interview. If you don't feel like a million bucks....

This is how the home and away should be:

Ernie, I'm on a budget. The website is my practice server for continuing education. It's thousands of dollars to get someone create the latest look. I created my own clipart using Gimp.

I prefer the present gear over the posted


Team looks good in their present uniforms. Once in a while they change it up a bit. We've seen silver mixed in before. Lots of other issues to worry about.

Can someone please show this bum out the door? and lock it?

p.s. your pictures of what YOU think should be our jerseys are 10x as worse as ours.

and I for one LOVE them. if they ever went to Silver Helmets the entire fan base would become outraged and the Riders would die.

you do NOT mess with tradition!

Trust me, he let you guys off easy...


As an outsider, have to agree with you on both fronts.

You're kidding, right?

First of all, make green the FOURTH color in the scheme??!? Sacrilege, eternal damnation upon you and all your descendants. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, you say they are an eyesore, but claim so based on the color scheme. It is impossible to have a clash color scheme when there is only ONE non-neutral (green) in the scheme. Just a little color schooling basics for you. White, black and (non-tinted) silver are neutrals. They CANNOT clash. It is impossible. So basically you are saying that they are just too green. Well, that only means one thing. You don't like the color green. That's fine, but that does not make the uniforms ugly. That's like saying that the LA Dodgers look ugly because I don't like blue. Then you show pix of green, so I guess it's not the green, but you just want silver hats? Eyesore because they don't have silver hats?? I don't get it.

There is science behind this. In conceptual design, there are NO BAD COLORS (with the only exception for pro sports being pink) Only bad color combinations. If the Riders picked blue because EZ doesn't like green, then someone else will say it's ugly because they don't like blue. You will NEVER please everyone with that mentality. So just make sure that your color combo doesn't clash, which the Riders uniforms don't.

You'd have a case if you didn't like the layout or the numerals or the logo or something - but basically you just said you don't like green.

Now if you want an eyesore uniform, look at Calgary. Not because of the colors, perhaps the use of the colors, and DEFINITELY a layout that makes me want to barf.

If you want a serious detailed uniform analysis of any kit you want, I'll do it. I'll tell you exactly why the Houston Texans look great, the Toronto Blue Jays look lame, the Calgary Flames look ridiculous or the Philadelphia Eagles look sharp-as-hell.

I like the current uniforms, and I see a lot of people wearing the jersey so I wouldn't say nobody wants to see them.

There's no way this could be a serious post. The "green and white" turning silver. That's almost as bad as the Blue Bombers in all gold....