Saskatchewan/Toronto game

OK, my tv is out cuz of a storm, could someone call this one?

TV is back! WOOHOO!

Tor 3 Sask 0 with 7 minutes left in the frist

Lets go Argos!

TV out again! AAHHH! gong to be doing that for awhile until this “Hurricane” passes. SIGH! :frowning: :cry:

I’ll help you out KK The sun is shinning, the women are out shopping…Just me the TV, The computer.

Moore For TD A wobbly but good convert by Macallum. 7-3 Riders

Well done Riders, they were putting on a good run until my telly cut out.

Sun is shinning. I miss that, the weather has just be trebbile the last few hours here and will be bad the next few days! :cry:

Avery fumbles, Sask has ball near midfield

Macallum misses the field goal…Wide for a single.

I hear the Riders fans getting ansy…They’ll be calling for Paul’s head soon.

SINGLE! 8 to 3 Sask

that recever should have caught that, too bad!

Green looks good, officials are helping Toronto extend current drive with bad calls

is your tv back now?


receiver was wide open.

FUCK! TD Toronto.

TD! score now 10 to 8 ARGOS!!!

We got a game!!!

Doing good thus far…

Good Glad you have it back!

I have to split in 3 minutes. Dinner reservations @ 5:30. But the good news is, after my son made the reservations, I phoned back and made sure they sat us so we could see their big screen. I may only miss half time and a few plays.

How do you like them organizational skills?..LOL

Moore scores 2nd TD, Riders mean business!

TD sask now up! 15 to 10

OK now 15 and 13 Sask

When I’m at College, I’ll call everything but since I’m at home, I can only call the scores cuz my telly is in another room from my computer.