Saskatchewan @ Toronto - 22 Sept. 2018

Amazing INT, simply amazing!!!

I see that they’ve added a bit to the score while I was busy doing other things and the boatmen have just added another 3. Hanging in there tough with the greenies - with Carter warming the bench yet - at least the part of the drive that I just saw. :o :o

Sad news. Just learned of the death of former Calgary Stampeder Mike Labinjo. He was only 38

OUCH did Collaros have a momentary black out there and forget that he hasn’t played for the double blue in 5 years? Tie game - can’t believe that the Greenies would lose TWO in a row - especially to EASTERN teams! :o :o :o :o

God Bless SRR Fans!

Because they travel well? Had quite a few sitting near us when we were at the Ticats/riders game in July at THF. Sometimes they were louder than the home crowd!! :-[ :-[

Perfectly tossed ball by Collaros and his receiver (didn’t catch the number) drops it! Being able to score right now might give them the game but that seems unlikely. OK - thought that they were going to be off the field but they did get in another play or two including a LONG FG to regain the lead.

Still time for Macbeth though so the vaunted greenie D had better buckle down and knock the boatmen off the field.

Got to go check out the Ticats forum - sure there’s chatter already going on about the upcoming game.

Cab Toronto pull this out?


51 yards. WOW! Let’s see if he can do it.

Wow. Good game.

Poor Medeiros. Just couldn’t come through when he was needed. Oh well, that’s sports. Argos aren’t going to make the playoffs IMHO. As Milt says, they are going to need a lot of help to make the playoffs now. But Bethel-Thompson is a keeper.

POG, Roosevelt, good choice, Collaros wanted him and he came through when needed.

That was one heck of a game By both teams.

Why did Bethel Thompson go for broke on 2nd last play?

Instead of trying to gain 4 to 8 and make the field goal less threatening for the weak-minded Medeiros?

Anyways, Medeiros wasn’t gonna make it anyways.

Sask’n prolly didn’t deserve to win. Toronto was full value for the loss - pretty much eliminating them from playoffs.

Toronto don’t care no more but the saddest people on the planet were those gathered at Buck Pierce’s Hutterite Colony hideaway were devastated - bombers were counting on other ducks to empty the bathtub. Too bad it didn’t quite work out. Now Bombers are chasing Edmonton - next week at Commonwealth should tell the story!

Weak-minded Madeiros?

WTF is that comment all about?
Uncalled for, nothing to do with football, and a personal attack.

Agreed. Felt bad for the guy. A wins a win, but this one felt a little tainted having to accomplish it that way.

All this time on the board and you've not noticed that Lyle makes such comments as a matter of course?


this is a cflfan based talking forum…trash talk is expected…but try to at least keep it funny… even then it will get out of control very easily…boneheads cannot help themselves…

Oh I’ve noticed that Lyle makes ridiculous comments regularly. One can’t help but notice that.

Had he said that Medeiros was weak-legged, that would have been a football comment.
Saying that he is weak-minded is calling him stupid - a personal attack.
AFAIK, that runs counter to this forum’s rules and is subject to disciplinary action.