Saskatchewan @ Toronto - 22 Sept. 2018

So will either Zach Collaros or McLeod Bethel-Thompson at long last put up some decent numbers?

Will James Wilder Jr. Finally live up to his rep/price?

Will Tre Mason have a real break-out game?

Or will this tilt end up to be the defensive struggle most of us expect?


If it does, then the Riders win. Their defence is far superior to Toronto’s.

Nothing better than a game of “pointy ball” at BMO. :wink:

Toronto has a defense? ??? Not the last time I saw them play! Fully expect the greenies to take this one - even if their offense isn’t top notch.

Greenies’ offense > TOs defense - just scored a TD with the aid of a dumb TO penalty. Trestman not looking too impressed with his team’s effort thus far.

Beautiful night for football. Too bad the fans didn’t come out.

No, but the only offence the Roughriders have is in theory.


They never do - unless the Ticats are in town to help fill up the stadium! :smiley:

Surprised that Jones is still wearing his green shirt after the greenies lost last week! I fully expected him to return to his all black garb!

Well so far it’s working as they have 10 points to the boatmen’s nada!

Would LOVE to see the SRR as the Cross-Over team but…

I don’t think that will happen. They are destined for 2nd in the West.

With the overhead camera, you can see all the divots in the field. LOL! :slight_smile:

What was THAT?

Bizzare… they should have called the play dead on the spot vs letting the play finish.

Makes it look like a free play for tornonto when they call it like that

Boatmen going for the trick play on the FG - got to watch for that when your holder is a QB - but they hurt themselves with another penalty making it a longer FG attempt. Lucky for then Pfeffer nails it.

That could 't POSSIBLY be caused by the darlings of TFC? Could it? ? :o :o After all the boatmen are the ONLY ones who mess up the field for everyone! :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

Toronto is a pussy-whipped town, what do you expect. Gridiron football has become too "brutal" for them. :-* " CFL types" are a bit too barbaric there. :-* I think soccer is more in their personality as "nice", not "too tough" sort of thing.

Toronto making a game of it. I love all the high scoring in 2018.

Only if the boatmen lose! Greenies look like they're about to score again - and they do - so looks like you could get what you want - a high scoring game!

Riders looking sharp tonight, Thiggy and Collaros tight. The beauty with playing in Toronto with so few fans attending for the Argos it’s like a home game for the visitors. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The catches are INSANE!!!