Saskatchewan to sign Morreale tomorrow?

Perry Lefko thinks it's a possibility:

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From proud, "local hometown Ticat legend" to "Rider benchwarmer/depth receiver who is only around in case someone else gets injured." Is this REALLY how you want to be remembered, #18?

Mike is a professional athlete. If he still wants to play, more power to him to take an opportunity afforded him.

He will be celebrated at the conclusion of his career at IWS. Deservedly so. And the Ticat front office offer still stands with no strings attached or time limit placed on it.

I wish him well.

Oski Wee Wee,

I hope he does sign with Sask. Just because he isn't needed with the Cats anymore doesn't mean his skills are not needed somewhere else. Mike showed last year that he can still make the clutch catches.

If he does sign with the Riders, I hope on September 14 he gets a standing O .

I was as sad as anyone to see him released and I would have loved to see him finish his career in Hamilton, BUT I wouldn’t say that he wasn’t needed, it was more a matter of management choosing to keep and develop assets that will benefit the team in the long term(like Getzlaf) rather than cut them and give them to other teams for free.