Sask. will lose the next 2 games vs. the bombers!

we'll see there hotshot! :lol:

the riders are on a roll, well a 2 win roll, but, with out kevin glenn the riders will win both games

The Bombers wont lose because Kevin glenn and milt stegall are both playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/i]

Riders could be very over confident after playing 2 games against the CFL's version of a CIS team

Oh yes a CIS team that should have beat Calgary twice, and did beat Winnipeg. Riders by 18

18 you kidding me!!! bombers will win by 10 plus

Lol you peopel are ridiculous! i love laughing at your crazy statements!!! :lol:

What!!!!??? Kevin Glenn's back for the Bombers!??? Oh shieee.....wait...wasn't he the ex-third string quarterback behind Nealon and Henry??? :smiley: KG's definitely the answer for the Bombers. Winnipeg to win. :wink:

To the defense of Kevin Glenn.. he should have been starting in Saskatchewan instead of Greene.

But I can't see Glenn back already.

The riders have played two decent games. Yes, they beat the worst team in the league, but they beat them by such a huge amount...I think the Riders are going to go into the next game with some well-deserved confidence that they can play well.

Nicely said. I think the reincarnation of KK28 and the defense are playing huge factors right now.

A sell out home game for the riders, Labour Day, a team with momentum, pressure on Winnipeg, Riders will win.

Riders 32
Bombers 18

Bombers 30
Riders 20

The Riders have there 3rd position QB playing and with him starting the bombers will win easy!!!!!!
The Only reason sask won 2 strait games is because they were both vs. ham the last team in the league.!!!!!!!!!

1st game bombers 30
sask 20

2nd game: winipeg 39, sask 16

Would you like to put a wager on that? Not money...? How about the "have to wear the other team's jersey in a public place, like Mayor's usually do?

That's right everyone! You heard the guy. Riders are going down. Sask only won 2 "strait" games because they were both vs. Hamilton. :lol: They might get back KG for one of their games too. Minnesota's big ticket is KG...Kevin Garnett. Winnipeg's big ticket is former Saskatchewan third stringer KG..KEVIN GLENN!!!! And besides, I heard a rumor that Bombers will have their secret weapon as well. BROCK LESNAR!!! Eh...wait...the last time I pedigreed that pansy's a$$ he ran from WWE with tears complaining he couldn't take anymore punishment. I love friendly trash talking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn't Winnipeg lose to Hamilton?