Saskatchewan third highest in salary!

Reported by Leader Post Jim Hopson

It is apparent that the Roughriders using the poor boy of the CFL is actually Roy Shivers not telling the truth to the Rider fans. It has been stated that they were in fact the third highest in salary for players last year. And they will need to cut the salary to get down to the new cap. Now I do feeel bad for rider fans being misinformed by their GM and we should not get down on them for jumping on the Stamps and the Eskimos for their purchasing of free agents. This is after all not their fault. And as it appears comes as a big shock to them. Now if Shivers has lied to them about this what is he not saying about the Burris situation. Could it be Hank was in fact right! Can anyone trust Shivers now!

What no comment on this issue? I am amazed! This is football and no one wants to talk football!


needless to say, that news make me really made at my teams owners right now. If they were obaying the cap, fine, but they gonna use their money.

Now with the new cap, maybe the BB's owners will spend more on the team and have a contenter going, while the others, inculding the Riders, come back to earth.

Actually you will find the Bombers just above Ottawa. It seems the teams with the most veteran players are the ones with the high salaries and this is the reason the Riders are up there. It is believed with no suprise that Edmonton leads the pack. I was shocked that the Stampeders were in the middle of the pack but close to the new cap. It is believed only three teams are over the new cap. The others are all close to the cap. Now thats hope the accounting firm that will be over seeing the books of the teams are not Paul Martins accountants dam I did it again.

That makes me even more argry with the BB manegment and the team, If we were just above Ottawa, but they did better than the BBs in the Standings, something is wrong.

I'm still a BB's fan, but serious chage is needed, and is happening right now with Berry and the new cap.


The thing here KK is that the Bombers have less higher paid veterans on the team. They too were on a rebuilding year so less high priced talent. Nothing will cahnge this season but the 2007 season will have teams scrabbling to get under the cap. Some veteran players may have trouble finding a team to play on with their high pay cheque. You will see players changing teams much like what happened in the NHL.

Hopefully things will turn out good for both of our teams eh? :wink:

I so wanna see another Calgary vs, Winnipeg Grey Cup, with Winnipeg kicking Calgary's butt! Also, I'd like to see Win Vs. Sask, Edm Vs. Cal, To vs. Ham GCs. the great thing about the CO! 8)

As a riders fan I already commented on this topic in the post So...

.....and I already mentioned it in another thread last week.....

slow day?


This is very interesting.
I never knew that riders had third highest.
Just shows how bad the management is in Saskatchewan.

A lot of rider fans do not wish to talk about this issue and yet I can not blame them shivers lied to them. Billy you listening! I believe it was our Billy stating that everyone except the poor sisters riders were over the cap no Billy if i am wrong I am sorry.

I don't think it is just Billy.Alot of the rider fans(not all) on this site have complained they can't afford players like Toronto,B.C, or Edmonton do.
Now we know the truth.Stop your complaing when it comes to the cap.
Toronto and B.C. are more expensive to live in.So the players that play there should get paid more.What is your excuse for paying players so high rider fans.It doesn't cost that much to live in Saskatchewan compared to other provinces.Just sounds like a bunch of grredy players to me.also spending all that money on Shivers and Barrett!!!Bad management,bad management!!!

Of course you are wrong, and you knew you were wrong when you said it. That is called Lieing. didn’t your mommmy tell you that lieing isn’t good.

You trying to specifically get a rise out of me is really childish.

Billy you have complained about the cap in the past.Don’t lie.
Now you rider fans can’t use that as an excuse!!!

Billy billy you are so bad! Are you saying that you did not make any statment regarding this. I was about to say if any rider fan did make this stamtent it is not their fault because they were lied to by Shivers hmm Burris liked and he got a t shirt does this mean shivers gets one billy. Lying is such a nasty word billy I think you should look back at your posts to be sure I would not want to go and find it and repost it. The fact is if a statment was made and I told you I do not lknow if you did or not that it was not the fault of the fan. But DB and RS were telling rider fans that wo is me we can not afford FA's like the other teams the CFL is against us. Now you see what is happening billy. I could draw you map if you need one. I thought there was something smelly in Regina it was Shivers all along. Now we know why the board could not get rid of them they could not afford it. Send me one of those Shivers sucks shirt please (large). Oh Billy if I was lying can you get me a redwhite2005 sucks shirt!

Shame on the Riders...shame, shame, cheating and you still suck...
Well this year, they have to follow the rules of course, Shivers time is running out..
Bring Ron Lancaster back to the Gap province...he'll show you how to be honest..

Just three examples. I am too lazy to get the rest. I didn't really need to post any of this, since we both know that you are just trying to raise my blood pressure. That is why you are childish. But really red, go ahead and look through the rest of my posts. You might find one thing I said one time, where I complained about the Riders not having enough money, I may have said it, but that would have been before I was informed, I have been informed to the truth for quite awhile now, and have been saying such for a long time.

Maybe I have been out of the loop for a while, but where are the numbers, stats, etc that support this point of Sask being third. I'm not saying I disagree, however I would like to see the numbers for my own sake. Where are they?