Saskatchewan Stadium Thread

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Wow, if something like this gets built out on the prairies, I'll be a monkey's uncle, as they say. :wink:

While the rest of us can only dream.

This what we should have for a Stadium if where Building a New one..

Not what where getting a Low Rate Stadium Cut down 15,000 Seats
in worse end of Hamilton. I like to see a 30 to 35,0000 Seat Stadium with a Retractable Roof
Something like Cardinals have in AZ.

What about parking?

Anyone can come up with a plan, and pretty pictures.

It`s all about the financing.

Very cool stadium, though.

Also, at first glance using google maps looks like a downtown site with no highway visibility.

The province of Saskatchewan is rocking right now
and CFL football is really big out in the prairies.

In Ontario, we couldn't hope to get so much public money. Saskatchewan likely will.

and it's in downtown Regina on a brownfield property like what our city is planning.

A covered 33,000-seat stadium in downtown Regina costing $386.2 million

with a fully retractable roof costing $45 million > total cost ^$430 million

could turn an operating profit of more than $1 million if 31 events a year were held in it.

it could have a cash surplus on an annual basis

with 11 CFL games; a university and high school football schedule;
one major, three minor and four small concerts each year;
and eight miscellaneous event such as motocross or conferences.

Enterprise Minister Ken Cheveldayoff said in a news release

that a decision on whether or not to build the facility will be made by late spring.

Construction is pegged to take three years...the impacts
on the provincial GDP would be an estimated $195.5 million.

The site being eyed is the current location of the CP rail yards

The report suggests two new public spaces.

— a plaza between the stadium and Dewdney St,

and a public square to the east.

land could be available for private sector

residential or commercial development,

Some additional details of what is proposed:

-The design would allow seating to expand to 45,000
for major events and up to 53,000 for major concerts;

  • The proposed size is one million gross square feet
    with sunken playing field, 25 feet below ground level;

  • Individual seats with cup holders;

  • Sports bar at north end lower bowl;

  • Permanent Roughrider Hall of Fame.

What is not to like about a stadium like that? It sounds ideal.

Uh-oh! The partners may be luke warm!

Well, the province built one for Toronto for $580m.

Hamilton never gets any such attention from the province. I think they should be kicking in a lot more for the Pan Am stadium and brownfiled clean up. The feds too.

Everything is visible on the prairies David for miles after miles after miles. :wink:

Agree Capt about increased funding for the stadium here and brownfield cleanup.

Good point. Apparently there's a very large flat area quite close.


According to this article in the Regina Leaderpost, the Seminole Tribe of Florida Inc. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Saskatchewan First Nations to become involved in a proposed $1.2 Million sports stadium and entertainment complex in Regina:

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Seminole Tribe of Florida denies involvement in SK stadium proposal

Sarah Richter: Friday, March 5, 2010
It was announced earlier this week that the Tribal Council of the Seminole Tribe of Florida would provide financial backing

to 10 independent Saskatchewan First Nations and the Metis Nation
of Saskatchewan for a new sports and entertainment complex.

The complex would include a new 55,000 seat stadium for the Saskatchewan Roughriders,

a hotel and a casino. According to the First Nations groups involved,

the deal hinges on the government’s willingness to sell Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw.

huh? see article below.

Wall: Federal government needs to kick in cash if domed stadium in Regina to happen

By James Wood, Saskatchewan News Network; Canwest News Service March 8, 2010

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The latest twist in the stadium story has been the emergence of a proposal from 10 Saskatchewan First Nations

-- backed by the Seminole Tribe of Florida Inc.

-- for a $1.2 billion football stadium and entertainment complex

that would be built with minimal public money.

That proposal, however, is contingent on the government selling

its two Saskatchewan Gaming Corp. casinos in
Regina and Moose Jaw to the First Nations group.

Wall said Sunday it is difficult to foresee
any way the province would part with the casinos.

He said the revenue stream to the province from the casinos

-- $14.4 million through the first nine months of 2009 --

will likely be key

to the operation of a future stadium,
as well as other potential projects.

And now for something completely different.

Unlike Monty Python skits, this scenario is not the bizarre one.

Wall: Federal government needs to kick in cash if domed stadium in Regina to happen

By James Wood, Saskatchewan News Network; Canwest News Service March 8, 2010

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Re: [the feds] potentially funding the $431 million price tag for a
retractable-roof facility that would house the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

"If this is going to happen at all,

whether it's a broader initiative or whether it's about this particular facility,

the feds need to be part of this thing," he [Premier Brad Wall] told reporters

after the stadium issue was raised at the Saskatchewan Party annual convention.

...but we're still going to have to make infrastructure investments in Saskatchewan,"

added Wall, who suggested the federal government
could kick in between $100 million and $180 million.

The Sask. Party government is itself hoping to avoid

direct funding of the stadium through its general revenue fund

in favour of funding sources such as provincially owned casinos.