Saskatchewan snubbed in the POTW

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I find it interesting, when the two best defenses go to battle. Not one Saskatchewan player even gets a consideration for POTW.

Burris gets consideration....I guess when you recover from such a poor performance the week before and come back and win one, they have to give you some consideration.

Sask. had a great game as a team D, but POTW are all based on big stats...and no one really had that against BC. 2 picks and 2 sacks....that's a solid outing.

I am not debating the first selections. But I guess with Hamilton's win you have to give them some mention.

Clovis was good with a sack and a interception. He could have gotten a mention.

I really dont think the POTW matter a whole lot, anyway. Even though no individual Rider got a mention, that means that the TEAM as a whole played well, and to me that is better than singling out any one individual on the team.

Agree with the last few posts, the defense played great as a team. Various DBS picked the ball off when the opp. arose, and the front 7 stopped the self-proclaimed 2,000 yard rusher to 4-bits. Cates on offense may have got a mention. Not unhappy though wil take the win anytime.