Saskatchewan should stick with Crandell

I watched the guy in Calgary for four years. Now after sitting thru almost a decade of Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia, and Dave Dickenson, Crandell was an obvious drop. But he’s still a capable QB, and I feel a slight upgrade over Nealon Greene(I’m sure you all agree now that Nealon is not the answer). The guy was terribly inconsistant in Calgary, and not to mention injury prone. But on the games when he was on, he looked great. I still remember him carving up Montreal’s D a couple of times in 2003 alone. Then the injury bug set in again, unfortunately for him. Don’t worry about no Keith for Maas deal. Maas is no better than Crandell, trust me(is it any coincidence that in Maas’ only full year as a starter, he brought the Eskimos to within serious jeopardy of breaking their 30+ year playoff streak?). See how Crandell does his next couple of games, you may be surprised. Are you guys missing Burris yet? :wink: (haha sorry, had to throw that in. I stopped coming on here for the last couple months. The last time I did was when Nealon was hot and Burris was not, and there were “Burris Sucks” threads everywhere. It sucks when its the other way around eh? Just had to get my kicks in, I’m done now…)

Sorry Stamper7 but Crandell as good or if not better then Maas. You are really overboard on this one. There is a very large difference in these two QB's and it is very obvious. Look at their stats and you can see it is not even close. Sure Crandell won a Grey Cup on the backs of his very great recievers that year and a great defense. Please explain those one hoppers to the recievers every year after that. Oh by the way I predicted lin last nights game just a few plays before it happened that he would trhow an intercept and guess what he did not disappoint. Crandell a good QB ha ha ha ha ha

PS I am not a NEalone fan but I can say one thing Nealon is better the Crandell. Nealon has to remember what made him good and he will be back.

Crandell needs a comitment from Barret to start so that he can take the reps in practice with the first team and not need a 1/2 game to get prepared to play .
I havent seen the breakdown in stats between Greene and Crandell but didnt the riders have over 400 yds in offence to the gades 290?

That was a bonehead move by coach Barrett. Maybe put Crandell in for a few reps but that should have been it. Crandell flat out there, the guy should have made things happen at least a little. Prove to the coaches and fans that he can march the team down the field and put points on the board. It was not very exciting to watch Crandell because you know he s not going to take off running or scramble in the pocket for that extra few seconds he s going to hand off or throw the ball away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crandell needs to stay on the PINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gilly , I think Shivers needs to recruit a QB or even try Rocky if neither Nealon or Crandell can get it done. I mean why have him on the roster if you are not going to use him right. Not being a Rider Fan myself I think Nealon should go the rest of the way and then in the off season make changes.

can we win with Nealon??????
the riders are 3 & 5 with Nealon !!!! what can be so bad about Crandell???Butler played terrible lastyear when Nealon broke his leg ??? didnt he start the next 2 games because Burris was injured ?
If Roys claim to fame is finding talent wheres the QBs

The problems could be from the top down IMO. A shake up might help! It sure did not help pulling him for Crandell. But do not lose faith!

no it didnt but with Crandell being the starter he would be getting more reps in practice leading up to the game and possibly he would have more time to put his game face on and have a better performance

maybe Nealon needs to sit out a game or 2 and reflect on his onfield performance so that maybe he can get motivated??
seems like the formula that they are using now isnt working!!!
great QBs find ways of winning games
can Nealon take it to the next level???????????

Nope, no starting for Marcus.

Neolon has already shown as good as he will ever get and so has Crandall.

Sask needs to bring someone in, someone proven not unproven.

Printers had one good year however good or not, he will likely jump to the NFL.

How about Maas? 5000 yards last year.
..what is Shivers waiting for???
Oh yeah, I forgot...Shivers will not let go of Barratt and Barratt will not let go of Greene.... Well why mess with that formula...screw it! Let's just continue listening to the wisdom of Danny Barratt and with him, like a good and loyal crew, let's just go down with the ship - Neolon Greene and all.

As they say in Sask when talking about crops or Riders: "there's always next year".

Hey Gilly

I don't know if anybody broke it down for you yet, but here is some numbers for both ottawa games.

Home Game Crandell Greene I think Greene playe about 3 quarters
Passing 10/17 17/32
Yards 108 139
Interceptions 0 3

Away Game Crandell Greene Each played a half I believe?
Passing 17/30 8/16
Yards 157 106
Interceptions 2 1

I couldn't find fumble stats, but I believe Greene had a couple of those as well. The other difference is Crandell was forced to play catch up, which Greene could not do. I am all for letting Crandell take a game start to finish to see how he does. A Greene led offence is the most boring offence I have ever watched.

What angers me is why is everyone calling for rocky to play when we have a pretty good quarterback in Crandell, and we havn't even given him a shot! From what i've seen from him, he's been right on the money!

If Nealon cant pull it off against the bombers in Regina, you can bet Crandell will get his shot in the return match in the Peg. Problem is, you know what you are gonna get from both guys and 16 or 17 points a game from your offence isnt going to it cut it even with your stellar defence, that is just putting way too much pressure on them.

IMO, you need to trade Nealon or Crandell for an up and comer, maybe someone like Kennedy in Ottawa and let him run with it.

Buck Pierce looks promising as a young QB, we know that first hand...