Saskatchewan RUMOUR - riders clean house?

A rumour is circluating that the Rider have fired both G.M. Roy Shivers, and coach Danny Barrett.

I’m trying to make contact with people close to this situation and I will try my best to find this out for you.

I am hearing that there was apparent fight in a boardroom meeting on Thurseday after a previous meeting a few days before. After the game there was a emergency meeting set for Monday morning, and apparently Roy Shivers made some comments that upset the board members.

more details to follow.

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an "emergency meeting" after they handed out butts to us on a platter?.....highly unlikely ....but I always get a chuckle out of your posts...seriously, they're fun most times... :thup:

Edit:....oops....there seems to be some truth here after all...congrats McMahon! :lol:

Seeing how it was posted on before you 'broke' the story...I cant seem to think of who your source might be????

If someone had asked me after Saturday's game which team was about to clean house ... well, I'll admit I would have lost that bet.

[quote=“mikey”]an “emergency meeting” after they handed out butts to us on a platter?..highly unlikely …but I always get a chuckle out of your posts…seriously, they’re fun most times… :thup:


Gee..I'm really surprised :o

Yup..just last week I figured whoever won the game...would at least get another week! Well...we wait in Hamilton! :roll:

How long before we hire Shivers? A day? A week?

So lets see...a rumour about something that has already happened...

Well then...

  • there's a chance the Titanic might sink on her maiden voyage.

  • Hank Aaron might just beat Babe Ruth's home run record

  • Bill Gates might start his own software company

  • Damon Allen might pass for over 70,000 yards

  • Bob might raise the price of beer at IWS to eight bucks

Hey McMahon, is it still a rumour?

I guess they didn't beat us by enough.

shivers and barrett would fit in better in hamilton since they a blue collar, they didnt fit it in well in regina, since its a predominantly caucasian town, its hard for players other ethnic backgrounds to fit in regina since they lack diversity, regina is blaming the wrong guys, its not barrett/shivers fault that free agents dont wanan go play in some boring town.

8) And Hamilton is a more exciting town for free agents ??????? :lol: :lol:

id rather live in hamilton than regina, at least you can go clubbing in toronto, go to the casino and other establishments in niagra falls, and the states is just a car drive away, the only thing you can do in regina is line dancing nad playing on a banjo.

8) Bingo..... you just admitted that you go out of Hamilton for all your fun and entertainment !!!! Says a real lot for Hamilton eh??? Line dancing and banjo playing are like, real cool man !!!! :lol:

So you’d rather live in Hamilton, but spend all your entertainment dollars somewhere else?

May I suggest Hess Village, Slainte, that nice little jazz restaurant I can’t remember the name of, that tiny Italian restaurant on Upper James with amazing food, Barrangas…I think I better go down stairs and start making dinner now.


With Shivers out ... only a matter of time before Barrett is released since Shivers was his biggest supporter. Thoughts ???
Don't know if Barrett would be a good fit here, but at least he coaches with intensity.........

Didn’t the CBC say on the game telecast that Shivers was told to release Barrett and that he refused?

The Sportsnet article says Roy Shivers was associated with
the 1986, 1992 and 1998 Grey Cup championships.

1986 Nov. 30 in Vancouver

Hamilton 39 Edmonton 15

How could I have missed someone as outspoken as him
on the Ticats football operations staff that whole year of 1986?

LOL … should be 1985 … versus the 'Cats