Saskatchewan Roughriders QB Jake Dolegala excited for potential first CFL start

1989... Good year to be green was it not.
Bestes ever Grey Cup in the history of the universe and even the alternate universes combined

Dolegala played well. Would have been much better if had had better protection up front and perhaps some more creative run plays to keep the wolves off of him.


Looked pretty good for his first game. His size gives him a definite advantage. Games 2 and 3 will be really telling

As stated above, crappy play calling on first down... Get a tad creative and it helps a rookie QB to NOT be 2nd and very long every play. I see the big issue with the riders not so much personnel but more so what the Co-ordinator is calling for plays.

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Absolutely, or maybe above coordinator. Dolegala gave them a game they could win, and once again it feels like coaching (or lack thereof) has cost them.
Harris looked pretty strong in this one though, tough to stop him when he gets going

Yes I thought he looked pretty good considering the circumstances, interesting to see him with the top team in, and a few games under his belt. .you know things get tougher after teams see what he does. Strengthen the online or no one will have a decent chance though. That is number 1 , in my thinking.


I’m thinking the riders should be letting Cody rest, with the bye coming up, it could be a good time to give him time to rest the knee, and give the back-ups some good playing time, which could prove valuable down the stretch. Or we might find that happening sooner if he gets knocked out.for good.