Saskatchewan Roughriders QB Jake Dolegala excited for potential first CFL start

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going to be a scary game for the riders with 13 on covid and a rookie QB.
prediction is a very bad loss at home for the green team

Now they just need to get rid of Dickenson and they'll actually have a legitimate chance.
I'm excited to see what Dolegala can do

Tough for any QB to handle being thrown in like that. I don't see how this can be a fair assessment of his talents. He'll do what he can, but we'll have to cut him a mile of slack. Not really fair to judge his true potential from this game, he won't even have some other starters to help him.

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The Toronto Argonauts are also excited to see Jake Dolegala get his first start. If you wanna get the Argos even MORE excited, have Dolegala limp onto the field with crutches while sporting a full body cast. :grin:

That isn't very nice .

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True. That was an awful thing to say about the Argos and I should've waited until they took to the field and threw a helmet at Dolegala as he warmed up.

I should always observe proper protocol. Sorry about that!

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That’s funny, but it is probably the only way the argoes can ever beat the riders ?

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Honestly... I think the Riders are destined to go through misery and dispair until they get plastered on Labour Day by the Bombers and hit rock bottom. After that I predict they'll be firmly glued into 4th place and most of their injured players will be trickling back into their starting lineup.

Then just in time for the playoffs they'll peak and destroy every hapless Eastern Club in their path on the way to the Grey Cup as the Cross Over Team. Only Hamilton will stand a chance of defeating them... unless someone takes a knee in the end zone.

You heard it here first. :smiley:

Probably 3/4ths of those players on covid protocol will return

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But your decorum was spot on

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I even raised my pinky finger as I typed.

Those players on covid protocol returning to the team who are STILL on ventilators will be asked to social distance from the player next to them while on the field. This will present a challenge to the O-linemen in particular with their blocking schemes but we know they'll do their best while coughing. Injured quarterback Cody Fajardo who's clearly NOT worried about losing his job has given his blessing to the line AND starting quarterback Jake Dolegala.

"Go Jake!" Yelled Fajardo from the sidelines, "Go out there and break a leg... or an arm. Just break something."

Which of the Riders are on vents???

Hopefully none of them.

Here's the latest on your QB situation:

I tend to agree with this but also want to predict that the BB will make it to the cup from the west but will be so very much overconfident that they will lay a goose egg against a fully healthy and prepared Rider team.

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That's what I keep hearing too. It's a given that we'll coast into the playoffs if we keep this up but any team can win the big ones once the weather becomes a factor. It's one and done and all it takes is for one team to have its head in the clouds. That could be us.

2007 Eskimo’s? 16 and 2 .or was that 1989 ?

Extra bonus points. Who says style is a lost art

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