Saskatchewan Roughriders Only Team Over Cap In 2013

Over by $17,975 ... Which will be the fine they pay. This is the 4th time in 7 years Saskatchewan has been over the SMS cap. The fact that they went over is not a surprise to me. The fact that it was by only $17K is a surprise. I for one thought it would've been a lot more.

Story here:

[i]The Canadian Football League announced on Wednesday that an extensive audit process has confirmed seven of eight teams were under the league's salary cap.

According to a release sent by the league, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were the only team to exceed the cap. Their total salary expenditure of $4,417,975 was $17,975 over the salary cap of $4.4 million. The team will be penalized one dollar for each dollar they were over the cap for a total fine of $17,975.

"The salary cap system was brought into the CFL to provide competitive balance and business prudence," said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon in the statement. "And the fact that seven of eight teams were under the cap continues to illustrate that our teams believe in this system, work within it, and understand that for the continued growth of our league, we have to remain fiscally responsible."

The salary cap management system was introduced in 2007.

The system's review process includes detailed field audits of all eight clubs twice per year, once during the CFL season and once following its completion. Teams are also required to provide regular updates on compensation levels at the 6-game, 12-game and 18-game point of the season.

Under the provisions set by the league's Board of Governors, teams are fined one dollar for every dollar they exceed the cap up to $100,000, and two dollars for every dollar they exceed the cap between $100,000 and $300,000, plus the loss of the team's first round draft pick. Teams are fined three dollars for every dollar they exceed the cap beyond $300,000, and they lose their first two draft selections.

As no team exceeded the cap by more than $100,000 in 2013, the order for the CFL Draft on May 13 is not affected.[/i]

The only surprise to me is how little they were over. :slight_smile:

That's it! Strip them of the Grey Cup!

In other words, they spent to the limit, and then went over as a result of a few injuries.

Good thing the Ticats didn't go with the same strategy - with all of our injuries, we would have been over by a hundred thousand or more.

Bought the Cup??

For $18K? Hardly.

It’s the fourth time in the seven-year history of the Salary Management System that the Roughriders have exceeded the cap, having missed by $76,752 in 2007, $87,147 in 2008, and $26,677 in 2010.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers (in 2009) and Montreal Alouettes (2007) are the only other teams to go over the cap since the SMS was instituted

Depends what that $18 put on the field.

Do the Riders get Chick with an offer 18k less than other offers ? 8)

My idea is to double the fines each time a team exceeds the cap (therefore SK would have to pay 8x the amount they exceed = $143,800), perhaps adding the accumulated fines together. Also, lower the minimum threshold to $50k, and $100k for the first-round draft pick, and each additional $50k would be another lost pick. If this adds up to 7-figure fines and multiple-round draft losses, then too bad. These penalties should severely punish the serial offenders of the cap.

Its deeper than that. Your solution has merit but it only takes one team every year to steal an advantage. If your going to have a control system it has to include General Managers, Coaches and Scouting expenses. Basically all football ops. The 100k marker was put in place initially because the league had no experience with Salary management by now that marker shouldn't even exist. This system needs to be tweaked regularly as loopholes pop up. When the league reluctantly agreed to the nine game exemption I don't think they expected it would become a stash to develop quarterbacks and run a taxi squad.

lighten up a little...have you ever heard of sarcasm...but they did break the rules...simple

No worries relic.

Yes, I've heard of sarcasm. And I wondered if that's what you were doing. I wasn't sure though, and sometimes people use little emoticons to make it clear. If you were being sarcastic I agree with you totally... they hardly bought the GC with that over-spend. Sorry to have missed that you were being sarcastic.

Yes, they did break the rules, by a small amount equivalent to about one fifth of an average player's salary.

They rested three players the last game, putting them on the injury list, and Sheets was injured for three games, and Getzlaf for one. Add up the salary paid to those players' replacements, and there a big chunk of the $18K they were over. Now, most teams plan for that type of thing; the Riders probably just cut it too close.

More important, though, were the performance bonuses the team was on the hook for. Made the All-Star team? Here's some money. Got 1000 yards rushing? Here's some money. Got 1000 yards receiving? Here's some money. Picked off five passes? Here's some money. The problem here is that the amount of bonus money that will be paid out can't be predicted accurately at the beginning of the year, it isn't really known for sure until the season is over. I think that if the league released this amount, it might quiet a few people. Not everybody, of course, but some.

Cheers...maybe they paid their water-boy a bonus??? Come on football...I've had more than enough of hockey and golf on TV.

That's why some GM's refuse to put in individual performance bonus clauses. Again only one team went over...
We'll never know what the score would have been had they not rested those players... Exceeding the CAP, gave them an advantage over the other seven teams.

We can put whatever spin we want on it but the bottom line is still The benifit outweighed the cost.
With the gate from the final and from the grey cup they made out like bandits.
In parking and Beer and concession sales alone.
I don'tknow what portion of the gate goes to the home team but I would imagine they would get something.