Saskatchewan Roughriders Odell Willis Arrested by Police

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REGINA — Defensive end Odell Willis, a recent high-profile acquisition by the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders, is facing a charge of impaired driving.

The Roughriders released a statement regarding the issue Thursday morning.

“It has been brought to our attention that Odell was charged with one count of driving under the influence on Sunday evening in Atlanta,’’ Roughriders general manager Brendan Taman said in the statement. “We have spoken with Odell and are gathering as much information as possible into the incident. Odell and the Roughrider organization are taking this matter very seriously and we won’t comment any further until the legal process has run its course.?

Willis, 27, was obtained by the Roughriders in a March 22 deal with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, for whom he was a CFL all-star last season. Willis had 13 quarterback sacks in 2011, tying him for the league lead with Justin Hickman of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

...what a fool



It looks like this guy is doing everything to get out of pro football.

Now it's Messam's turn.

He should be suspended for both games against the Argonauts.

I guess I should wait and assume innocence before guilt, but this guy is a clown.
Good riddance.

Yeah...DUI is one of those things that's really hard to claim innocence. I mean, the breathalyzer tells the tale and records it.

Now if he was brought in on some old fashioned bogus sobriety test some States still employ, yeah you can make a case, but for the most part he's either an idiot who made a dumb and terrible mistake or an arrogant jerk with a wanton disregard for human life.

Oh please... Who doesn't drink and drive.... Anyone who tells you that they have never done it is a liar. I have done it easily 1000 times, and the worst that has ever happened to me was I got a 24 hour suspension despite blowing 1.2. Why did I not get arrested, and was just givin a simple 24 hour suspension. Well I hate to say it, but probably because I don't fit the profile of the people the police are going after. Make no mistake , in the US ,they target people and make it their duty to inprission these people. The reality is that if Willis was a white person, he never would of been pulled over in the first place... If he was in Canada he never would of been pulled over either... He was pulled over because he was a black man in the USA.
I would love to see what his read out was... Probably like 0.1 or 4 beers for a man of his size... To charge anyone without an exsisting record, for barely going over the limit, shows exactly where the police are putting their priorities.

which makes you a real asshole, to say the least. The gall, bragging about it. What a lowlife clueless idiot scumbag criminal.

I have NEVER driven legally intoxicated. Before they dropped it from .o8 to .o5, I would have one or two drinks over a period of 2 or more hrs, along with food. Now, I drink absolutely nothing when I know I will be driving home, no matter what. Go ahead, call me a liar, you imbecile.

Next time you drink and drive over the limit, I hope you wrap yourself around a pole.

has bombs away ever used an acutal quote or link to back up any of his stupidity?

^ THIS...

Unbelievable Bombs...I hope I'm never on the road when you're around

Are you menatlly challenged?

Im not impressed. But I strongly doubt he will be cut...

He doesn't need to. His stupidity is right there in front of us.... Or is that not what you meant? :lol:

I did not work that very well. i will try again.

Bombs away- could you please start using links and/or actual quotes when you make statements on any of the forums connected to Without any proof of what you say, everything you type seems stupid, pointless, and retarded. At this point no one cares what you say or think. it all appears as nonsense.

Your initial wording was fine, I think. I was just having a little fun with alternate interpretations.

and it gave me a second chance to drill my point.

At least he's an honest idiot :?