Saskatchewan Roughriders Loonie Announced

Looking forward to seeing it!

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...that's a bit redonkulous IMO...congrats to the riders on 100 years, but a federal mint coin that the other 7/8ths of the CFL fanbase doesn't want/need?...where's the argo's version?...

Congrats to the Riders! And good on the mint.

As for the Argos version, well Phil Lind apparently wined and dined the Mint chief and said if they did this with the Argos version, Rogers Corp. would only pay their taxes in used baseballs, or some used NFL footballs Phil would bring back across the border from Cleveland. :stuck_out_tongue:

I lol'd at Green Buck.

If the Argos had asked for a 100th anniversary coin in 1973 maybe there would have been one. Same for any other team celebrating 100 years. The Canadiens had one last year so how could the Mint say no. This certainly looks good for getting a 100th Grey Cup coin for 2012.

so when does it come out? sounded like the article said june 10, but obviously that has passed.

do we know how many will be minted?

and the winner is

Turkeybend :wink:

... to all those that don't want the Rider loonie... send 'em to me... I will gladly take them.... :wink:

Oh Lord, really? The Riders get a coin?

Okay. Whatever.

I'm an Alouettes fan, so this isn't home-team bias, but if any CFL franchise deserves a loonie, it should be the one that has won the most Grey Cups in the modern era. Wouldn't that be the Eskimos?

Giving a loonie to the Riders when they won their first Cup in nearly two decades in 2007 is stupid and nonsensical. What, exactly, is it based on, and why did the other seven teams not merit consideration?

I tell you what Ill trade you any shiny beautiful, and because of their affiliation with the riders flawless, roughrider loonies for one of your dingy old non-roughrider and therefor inferior in every possible way twonies. Deal?

If you bothered to read, this is commemorating the Riders centennial. Just like the Habs did last year.

If the Rider loonies are worthless to you, why would I offer anything for them?

Maybe if the new incarnation of the Alouettes are around for 100 yrs, they will get a coin too... :expressionless:

In related news, the Canadian Dollar dropped $0.50 vs the USD on the market today. The word is investors can no longer take the CDN seriously. First calling it the loonie, then this. Investors are instead moving towards a less silly form of currency to invest in: the Zimbawean dollar.

This is a great way of promoting the Roughriders and the CFL, and I hope that other teams will get the same opportunity once they reach important milestones.

Exactly.. instead of just looking at as a Rider thing, its a chance to promote the league.. its too bad that others have such a narrow-minded view of this...

Right, and the little matter of the Habs being the winningest franchise in NHL history by a wide margin is also irrelevant? :roll:

But sure, yeah, congrats on 100 years of ... being around.

Assuming the country is still around in 2054.. :lol:

I dunno. This doesn't bother me. It is the 'riders' centennial after all, so a $1 coin does make sense. Maybe we should all be happy that the CFL is finally getting the establishment recognition it deserves. It's not as if children will have to swear an oath to the riders every morning in school, though it wouldn't surprise if that's the law in Saskatchewan :lol:

Don't you know? the children in Saskatchewan schools sing "On Roughriders" every Monday at the start of the week! :rockin: