Saskatchewan Roughriders - GC Champions 2007

Congradulations Saskatchewan on a great game. You were the better team today.

to me joesph played one of his worst games ever. Congrats riders and see you next year

Nice little backhanded compliment there...

Thank goodness our defence was so strong.
I knew it was a going to be a close game.
Yeah Saskatchewan Roughriders!!!
Grey Cup Champions 2007!!!
Long live the CFL!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO RIDERS!!!! It's really too bad for Stegall, wish he could get that Grey Cup, but i mean, Yaaaaaaaa RIDERS!@!

Wow! I think my stomach is finally settling down. What an intense game! Our defense was amazing, as was Winnipeg's and Troy Westwood's punting was insane. A tough battle as I thought it would be. Dinwiddie looked like he definitely has a bright future. Joseph didn't have his best game but he made some running plays when we really needed them and lets not forget all the great playing he did throughout the season to help get us here. James Johnson- my hero! Fantuz- Fantuztic! I am so proud of our team for battling all year long through all sorts of adversity and winning the Grey Cup!!!!!! Just got back from 8th Street and it was awesome!!! So proud of our fans too. Now- I am going to enjoy this because like all of Rider Nation- I believe we deserve it. Yayyyyy Riders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for a great season and a great finish!!!!!


Yes awesome game maybe we can do it all over again next year. John Chick played great, and yes KJ did not play well but enough to win with help from the D, I noticed no comments on KJ game play and what he did wrong, I noticed right away, he is not a good pocket passer, he playes his best games when he's rolling out, he sat in the pocket all game, i was hoping after halftime the coaches would have noticed this and would have told him to start rolling out, but he continued to be in the dropback the rest of the game, and of course there was some balls that should have been caught. That was my observation, great outcome and now we have bragging rights all year.

Riders, 2007 Grey Cup Champions!!

'Nuff said!

Our D really bailed our Ass out of that one. Especially James Johnson. But who cares cause we da champs! :thup: :rockin: :cowboy: :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

Nice pic/tribute Jman. I was completely shocked and upset to hear about Sean Taylor. It’s sad, he was one of the greatest DB’s in the league, and from waht i heard a great person.
RIP Sean Taylor.

He totally turned his life around for his little girl... Now ppl are saying it may have been one of his "friends" he distanced himself from...:frowning:

I took the pic from to be honest... lol