Saskatchewan Roughriders - Death by poor defense

Dear Reader,

November 11th will be a sad day for Rider Nation. The visiting Calgary Stampeders, lead by ex-Rider Henry Burris, will go to the air, and go up and over the Rider's coverage over and over again. The Riders' first home playoff game in 19 years will be forgotten as quickly as the fans can dash out of Mosaic Stadium for the bars, and pubs. Weeks before, the Roughriders were beat up by the Hamilton "Not Very Good" Ticats, and yet, the Roughriders' coaching staff was unable to make a defensive adjustment before the playoffs. Richie Hall is a good man, but he will be fired after this embarrassing home playoff loss. That is...unless, we could somehow go back in time...say to Week 17...and do something about our bleeding wound of a defense.

The CFL's smartest fan,
Roger Connery

I will still take the Riders defense over what Calgary is putting back there and calling a defense any day of the week.

I do agree though, if they don't get their act together it's going to be one high scoring affair.

:roll: Who is this guy?

The CFL's smartest man.

no no correction see smart-assed fan lol i love it


Bold, yet wrong.