Saskatchewan Roughriders cut Kevin Glenn

Glenny, we hardly knew ye? lol

Said the mopes in almost every CFL market!!!

He'll land somewhere - still some spunk in that 39 yr old body - with the 35 yr old arm!

BC still has Lulay's rehab to concern about. Winnipeg has two half-dead zombies at #2 & #3 (one guy has a brain and strong body but his arm is shot; the other guy is a veritable Adonis with a fairly strong arm but feeble brain)
Als could pick him up as an insurance policy for #2 or #3, potential coach down the pike.

Hey Edmonton, you need a new backup right? Come on sign him! Complete the tour!

Not sure why we need 2 KG threads.

I will repeat.

Having KG, go to Esks for historic trivia is the wrong reason.

He needs to go to where his skills fit in with a teams needs.

BTW, he was a Redblack on paper only. That does not count.

Never played in Ottawa. CAPICHE ?