Saskatchewan Roughriders at British Columbia Lions, Oct. 4

Fri October 4
Saskatchewan at B.C.
10 pm et /7 pm et

More on the province of Saskatchewan here at .

An overview of British Columbia can be found at .

Economic forecasts for each can be gleaned at … casts.html .

A review of the game between the Saskatchwan Roughriders Football Club and the British Columbia Lions Football Club can be read at .

Oski Wee Wee,


Russ, for what it is worth,
I personally like and have appreciated your Game Day Threads for years
Please do not change your style to appease some guy with 1 post who just joined to complain that it confuses him. :roll: :roll:
FFS it is an 8 team league, How confusing can it get.
Using the forbidden word in a thread title is unacceptable and I find it offensive. :wink:

This is total B.S. and his thread should get locked

RANT OVER! I feel better.

Melon heads at Orange Pussies works for me

Dog River Melonheads at West Coast Cowardly Lions..........If your'e confused???? Dog River=Saskatchewan
Melonheads=Roughriders.........West Coast=British Columbia........Cowardly Lions=Lions :slight_smile: :roll:


I like Hamilton Tiger-Lilies. That works for me. :wink:


Any stats comparing the mining industries?

what the hell does "Oct." mean? and 4? 4 what??? is that this year? what the hell Russ!!! :wink:


You might get potash figures by halftime. :wink:

Dying here. LMAO

I wont be here for this one... work beckons and 4am comes way to quick....

PVR is your friend, my friend. Take care!

I know that I’ll be pilloried about this by some of you…but the Leos shiny black unis make them look like some wet alien lifeform.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Potash outlook is not rosy going into 2014, if one is being literal. :wink:


:lol: :thup: :thup:

That was well done, eh? LOL

Well this thread is amusing - considering that there isn't much going on between the black cats and white riders!! :lol:

Think we could call the Leos alternate unis their Halloween costumes!! I don't actually mind them but they could go to solid orange numbers for better visibility. Always have liked the paw on the helmet.

McCallum just put the Black Lions on the board with a FG. :slight_smile:

Durant has really been awful the last few weeks, IMHO. Inconsistent!

Can not argue with that comment!! Sheets not doing much yet either. BC D is keeping the storm troopers under control.