Saskatchewan reaches deal for new Stadium Land

The Saskatchewan government has reached a deal to buy land for the site of a proposed new stadium, but that doesn't mean the facility will be built.

The province says it has reached a conditional sale agreement to buy land near downtown Regina from Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. (TSX:CP).

Minister responsible Ken Cheveldayoff says the sale is subject to the province's final decision on whether or not to build a new multi-purpose entertainment facility.

A study done earlier this year said a domed stadium to replace the aging home of the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders would cost about $386 million -- although a fully retractable roof would add at least another $45 million to the price tag.

The government expects to make a final decision this fall on whether to build the facility.

Cheveldayoff won't say how much the conditional deal with CP will cost in case the sale falls through, but he says it will be disclosed if it's finalized.

Good news. Hopefully it goes through. Though I'm not thrilled about having another domed stadium in the league. :lol:

They need to stick with the retractable roof idea, or go with no lid at all.

It will likely be retractable or just a dome. If they want to get any money from the feds it will be because the stadium is multi purpose, not because the Riders will be playing in it. I enjoy being outdoors at the games so I hope it's retractable.

after all the mess in hamilton over stadium location, i hope the riders had a say in this…lol

This is far from a done deal yet... so the announcement is nothing to get excited about-- the provincial gov't has to be very careful here-- their support base is in the rural areas, so announcing a deal to build a stadium now could hurt them down the line.. especially since farmers have had crops wiped out or damaged to the wet summer in Sask. An election is about a year or so away, so a decision on the stadium might have to wait until the new year, maybe even next spring.

Considering Quebec City is about to get 175 million dollars out of the Feds for a rink. Let's hope some money goes in to stadiums in this country, hope Rider fans get their stadium :thup:

Go for it Regina, show the rest of Canada how progressive the city and province really is.

If Hamilton is at the "how not to do things" end of the spectrum, Regina seems to be close to the other end in terms of planning, "packaging and selling" and involving/informing stakeholders. While there is and always will be opposition to building any stadium at all, I think there is little opposition to the location as planned, if there is to be a new stadium at all. The CPR land is just so sensible that it is hard to argue against it.

There is a potential huge problem with that land. I just had a look at a map of Regina and if they're talking about an active rail yard, it will be VERY expensive to clean up the contamination. You simply do not have a rail yard without a fair bit of contamination. I hope they're talking about an office area or something, anybody know the specific location they're talking about?


I believe that the clean up is part of the proposed price. I may have wool pulled over my eyes though. But regardless yes it is supposed to be over the rail yard. and the fact that there will be a clean up is definitely known, not sure who would fully pay for that though, you would think that CP would but who knows.

I assure you, if the Riders get one, Calgary and Edmonton will be wanting some sort of a domed apparatus.

The location, in my mind anyway, makes the most sense. The city plans to move the railway tracks outside the city, and connect to the brand new warehouse that is going up in I believe the west end of the city. The new stadiums location is near Casino Regina, some of the main hotels in the city, and a mall. It also keeps the bar owners on the bar strip happy as it will be on that same street. Good for the outward appearance of downtown. Same with what they are currently doing to the Plains Hotel. Many will argue revitalizing our downtown displaces alot of low income people, which it most certainly will do.

It can happen one of two ways:
1 - CP cleans it up, charges full price for the land
2 - CP deducts the cleanup price off the price of the land, kinda like buying a car with a blown engine.

The problem is timeline. I have seen many projects that I have worked on go sideways and blow timelines because you truely never know about all the issues in a site that big and complex. Whatever consultant who gets that job will have one big job on their hands with an even bigger deadline!

after all the renovations the 2 teams have done to their stadiums this season, i doubt they'll be looking for a new one so soon after.

There is nothing wrong with Edmonton's stadium, other than that silly track around it. The only thing they need to do there is lower the playing surface, eliminate the track, and put in more seats closer to the field. Never been to McMahon so I can't say about that place, though it is pretty old isn't it?

McMahon Stadium was built in 1960 I believe.

McMahon is soon to become the dump of the CFL.
I'd be shocked if there aren't major renovations to the stadium. I know plans have floated around a couple years ago to renovate it, but not sure what's up with that.

Only administrative offices and locker rooms were upgraded.

Agree completely.