Saskatchewan @ Ottawa - GDT

Surprised nobody has started one already. Already a quick 10-0 by Saskatchewan. Ottawa's lack of depth is really showing with a couple of injuries now.

Even if Sask isn't given this TD, I'd still say the game's over.

Yeah a couple of really bad throws by Hank. 10 points off a very short field already. Ottawa doesn't have a ton of firepower on Offense outside of Chevon Walker and down 17 you probably wont see them run as much.

24-0 in the first quarter. There's no way Ottawa's atrocious defence gets them back in this game. Congrats, Riders. :thup:


Do you give the Rider backup the 2nd half or 3 quarters....RBs...I am stunned....they need to do something.

I feel bad for those fans that came out and get treated to a rout, but it was bound to happen eventually at home.

Well...its early...never know.

Oh...and there is their best weapon

Yeeesh. Ottawa look terrible. Burris has tonnes of bad throws and when he gets a good one off, it's dropped.

Walker did some good there. The only good thing for Ottawa so far.

Three man rush and Ottawa gets called for holding. This game is becoming comical. :lol:



That upright has to burn....when it doesnt go your way sometimes it reallyyyyyy doesnt go your way.


Well Ottawa has forced the Riders into their first punt, with 11 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

That should be a touchdown for Ottawa. Player was onside and he was the first one to touch it.

Here comes the comeback! :lol:

Wow....was he was close....i thought he was....nice play either way....some riders were clearly unaware of the play

Glad they got it.........sweet play

When I played peewee football we would do the on site punt quite often. Obviously it's something only the Canadian players would be aware of.

Why don't we see more of this?

American coaches aren't familiar enough with the rules, and most American players wouldn't know that kind of thing either.

Good on suitor and cuthbert to wreck the whole thing by trying to nail someone else for no yards.gambling on third down when you are winning by 30 points.

I don't understand the gamble either there, up 25.

Because it rarely works. That was their third crack at it this year....teams should be well aware after thier first try. Now a drop kick .. that would be crazy to see...where you have to dribble thr ball once