Saskatchewan! Old school! Bravo!

Best damned uniforms in the league! Period!!!
And all they did was go back to what they had pre-1987!

The only blights on perfection:

  • they need grey or green or white (ugh!) faceguards
  • the pants ought to be white!

... then you've got an outfit!

With that Safeway sticker on the helmet!!!


It'S the way it'S SuppoSed to be!

Safeway probably copied it from SaSkatchewan way back in the fiftieS!!!

In any caSe, it lookS better than the cheeSy, USFL-iSh Sticker they uSually uSe!

The Rider uniforms look great! :thup:

as i said on the cfl forum, a white facemask would be perfection.

totally offtopic but sticking with saskatchewan...

it makes me sick to think Hamilton could have selected Kerry Joseph in the Ottawa dispearsal draft opposed to trading it away. Anyone who watched the game today or even the last 15seconds of it would


Yeah: Likewise for Corey Holmes. He looked great out on the field today. I can't believe we did not use him more. What kind of a "system" do we have here?

Holmes looked solid, no doubt.

I have to say - Kerry Joseph is the most exciting player in the CFL right now. The guy is awesome!!!

Both Saskatchewan and Hamilton are sort of "blue collar" teams...its just that they have an OLine, where we do not, just yet let alone we a plainly struggling a bit at QB...if we can get a QB that will take up some time on the clock, we'll be pretty much where Saskatchewan is...

ive been saying this for awhile. :rockin:

I really wish that we had a team like Saskatchewan.

Where did they get their outstanding roster anyways?

When Tillman got hired :smiley:

Trade Desjardins straight up for Tillman.

Sadly, they are some light years ahead of us, in spite of being "handicapped" by public ownership that demands the team obey every rule on salaries..

They have an offensive line that blocks for KJ and Wes Cates and we have (????)

They have receivers that catch the ball and get YAC's and we have (???)

They have a Defence that can stop just about anyone from carrying out their gameplan and we have (????) that is strong enough to cut a Nate Davis and still come up smiling..

A "System" that they can trade Armstead for Holmes, and walk away laughing...

I dunno, but missing getting Eric Tillman might have been a real mistake, and he was "available" for a very long time...might have been a "price" of having Lancaster in the organization here...

Ok.. I just double checked... WTF do we care about the SSK uni's this post is WAY off base in our home!!

The only difference between the two teams is attitude.

Hamilton has implemented a five year plan for improving and is implementing one games fixes.

Sasketchewan implemented a one year plan and acquired decent staff in the off season and is enhancing position players through smart trades/acquisitions.

A good GM incorporates good scouting, good coaching and makes good player personnel choices. Note: teams with good tough defense are always in the mix and can win with marginal QB's.

Sheraton hotel.