Saskatchewan @ Montreal - Game Discussion

Eddie Davis is down thats not good.

You hide it well I see. By the way you can take the Stamps jersey off now.

AC is in his element today. The riders need to take the sideline passes away or AC will have a field day. Jamal Richardson is having a great game.

Fumble. Well it appears I have put a curse on Richardson LOL. Go figure.

I'll take it off in the week leading up to the 2001 Grey Cup rematch.

The Als get it back in good filed position.

WOW look at that another 3 and out

Mpdid, LOL do not blame ya that must still sting.

Okay...the Riders need to get something different happening on offense. This is getting ridiculous. I'm not necessarily saying QB change, but they need to DQ something different.

Colbourne is a beast. And AC is on a roll this game may get ugly quick. Hope not.

DQ, I am off to get a milkshake. Heck no the wife can go get me one. Ouch another TD. It looks like my Stamps may be in first place by the end of the day.

WOW on that convert did I hear some one yell the Riders play like Toronto? Okay riders thats make a game of this.

the riders d has been on way to long this game is quickly getting out of hand,Offence needs to step up quick or this one is over.

Agreed time to get the hook out soon and get Durant out there. If the ball hits that hands it should have been caught. Wow two in a row can not believe it.

…tv has rotted my brain…

Must of read my mind,aww don't see dressler drop em like that often

No sheep not you! Go get a milkshake the wife should be back soon with mine.

Where is Nicholson I like that kid!

hurt in practice if i m correct

well, it is time for breakfast...and DQ is only a few blocks's times like this when I ask myself, "What would Kim Mitchell do?"

He'd go for a soda...

I'm so torn...

on a side note, does anyone else find this, "At least one new post has been made to this topic. You may wish to review your post in light of this." really, really, really annoying?