Saskatchewan @ Montreal - Game Discussion

Tight defensive game so far! Cheering for the Als, Winnipeg can't catch up to them so why not.

Nice catch by Baggs!

Wow Als defense stuffed them. Had that been Cates running it would be a TD IMO.

Is there any way I can watch the game via the internet? Can't seem to find a link on the TSN website.

With authority. I though he may have crossed the plane on that first attempt

Doesn't look like TSN is showing this one on broadband..

Thanks to Ro's radio post though you can at least listen to it:

NO online play by play for this game

Not liking how MB is looking so far.

Can't believe that Szarka went the wrong way on that goaline play.

Ya guess they should try using szarka once in awhile to get him used to doing something other than blocking

Wow AC is a magic man. He should be performing in Las Vegas.

Thanks for the radio link. Leos fan here listening closely.

OH oh can this be a turning point of the game naw too early. Good game both teams.

Touchdown Als!

Riders D on field way too much,gonna start to get tired.Bishop really better get something going fast

Your right but I can tell you they do not look bad so far in this game. The riders are surely missing Cates in this one for sure. The back ups are a very big down grade for sure in the running back area.

Or you can also listen in at if you want the biased perspective from the other side of the ball. :slight_smile:

EDIT Ahh, I just saw Ro's post with all of the links. I'm not sure if it's the new forum layout, but I seem to have a hard time finding threads these days.

Thats why bishop needs to run more,like his first game with riders,He needs to be running so as to stretch the defence :cowboy:

The riders need to estabilsh the run game or it may be one of those games that you do not want to watch.

As you can see I agree with ya.

You mean like both games lastnight?

Though to be fair I watched the CAL TOR game to jubilant last second just to watch TO choke! I'm a sad, sad individual lol.