Saskatchewan mocks ticats

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The Quick Question at the bottom says it all.

I mock Saskatchewan.
Hope that daylight savings time doesn't cause their wheat to lose an hour of sunlight each day... :twisted:

Lol the ticats winning a grey cup this year may be a longshot but they’re saying it’s not possible period.hope we beat them this year, first game we lost to them by 3 second by 1.

The CFL mavens in Las Vegas are picking the Roughriders to finish last in the West Division in 2009.

Here are the Grey Cup odds:

Calgary — 2.5 to 1.

B.C. — 4.5 to 1.

Edmonton — 7 to 1.

Montreal — 7.5 to 1.

Hamilton — 9 to 1.

Toronto — 10 to 1.

Saskatchewan — 13 to 1.

Winnipeg — 15 to 1.

Quick question: WHY is Hamilton at 9-to-1? The 1931 Montreal Winged Wheelers alumni have a better chance of winning the 2009 Grey Cup

This why there saying that .. look where a head of The Riders

I know they put us ahead of them lol but still, that’s not really a reason to say we’re so garbage that it’s impossible for us to do it.

Vegas sees it like this for a reason. Even though Hamilton has been so bad the last few seasons the Vegas numbers people look at how good an off season a teams have had. Hamilton has made some key signings and having 3 of the first 9 draft picks doesn't hurt our chances.

The Riders and Bombers have made moves that pretty much hurt them but not the blue team. The blue team has made a few very good signings this off season yet they are still rated lower than us.

I like Vegas odds because they look at facts rather than unreasoned mellow drama.

Just thought I'd add some Prairie sunshine to this thread. First, the Montreal Winged Wheelers alumni likely would be a pretty good team..... just kidding---as was Vanstone. Vanstone is a dork. You need to keep that in mind. I hardly think you should extrapolate what he says to "Saskatchewan mocks". The reason the Riders are such a longshot is because if you look closely, what you notice is that the 3 top picks by Vegas are, in order, Calgary, BC and Edmonton. That means, even if you think the Riders are a good team, it isn't likely they'll get out of the West division let alone win the Grey Cup. In fact, they might miss the play-offs as cross-overs are far from a guarantee. If the Riders were playing in the East, I am reasonably certain the Vegas odds on them would be better. Which is in fact why Hamilton, who should compete for second this year, do in fact get some points from the Vegas oddsmakers.

So in assessing the Vegas odds, I think the Cats have stabilized themselves in 3 very important ways---GM, coaching and QB. So improvement and competition for 2nd are reasonable expectations. And regarding the Riders, I believe Vegas picks them to finish last every year. Including the last two. In assessing Calgary--I expect a Grey Cup hang-over. They are not good enough to repeat. Don't much care about the rest......

Seriously? Give it a rest. The reason the Cats are 9-1 odds because its an 8 team league and Vegas isn't in the business of losing money. At 9-1 you know youre going to get action on the bets with people thinking they might score big. As the year progress those 9-1 odds could become 50-1 or 2-1.

Vegas mostly goes by what has happened in the past with cfl and yearly and weekly odds reflect it pretty good. ticats won a cup per decade for a hundred years while other teams have gone as long as thirty without one(hehe, argos). They just see the cats as a team that bad or good manage to win close to the most cups ever and that influences it. Odds over time would indicate the cats win it much more than sask does and history is the only for sure thing in gambling. There isnt much cfl action on futures anyways and odds also indicate where the money is going as much as who is favored. Some hamiltonians might just have thrown a few bucks the ticats way and brought it down, who knows.

When i go to Vegas in May, I'm putting 100$ down on the Cats !!

Last Year in Vegas Ceasar’s Palace had the TiCats at 15-1 in May.

Always going against the grain, aren't you?

Be nice to the Riders, our Western Division cousins. The only bad thing about living in Saskatchewan is the close proximity to Winnipeg. However, I miss the Jets and my Guess Who cds are near worn out.

Until the Ticats prove something they should be rated last!!

Don't forget 2006? I think it was when the Cats had signed Ranek, Holmes, Maas - 1st round draft pick the Best team on paper. We had predictions of playoffs and a Grey Cup appearance, long before the season started.

I don't care at all about predictions this time of year, lets wait until after pre-season.

That was me. I do it every year. Let it go.

Until the Riders get a real starting QB, they will never win anything of consequence.

They probably should have gone after Glenn.

P.S. Their condescending beat writer should be beaten!

This writer is a choch, mostly anyone here in Saskatchewan would agree, for how much i dislike Rider fans this guy most definitely does not represent them. I think most Saskatchewanians would agree that he is up there with Drew Remenda for the most annoying sports guy of all time.

I like Edmonton or Montreal with pretty similar odds to us.

Who cares what's in the Leader-Post.
It used to be a good paper..until Can-West bought it. Can-West could be bankrupt by the end of this month and all of it's papers could be out of business or sold. Let's hope the Leader-Post is sold to a good owner so it can return to being a good paper. One that doesn't print crap like the the subject of this thread.

I hope the Riders end up in last and miss the playoffs!