Saskatchewan looks unbeatable!

Do they get to play Hamilton agaain next week?? LOL

Even the refs feel sorry for these clowns.

Any team looks unbeatable against the Ti Cats.

The Ti Cat fans should get their money back. I can't beleive they continue to show up. Best fans in the league.

Joe Powpow needs to go. Has he done anything in this league?

This game is just as hard to watch as last weeks. No entertainment value at all.

Except Calgary and Winnipeg ... :oops: (I guess they gave Montreal some trouble earlier, too)

Rocky Butler looks like he's going to bump Joseph out of his starting QB job...

Do the Riders go with their 4th stringer (Dorion Durant? I think) to start the 2nd half? Can they get reps in for their 5th stringer?

if kerry was starting, he'd have 1000 yards in this game alone. 700 passing and 300 rushing.

the cats are so pathetic that its hard to judge how much credit actually goes to the riders.

i think a college CIS team could beat the ticats.

just to add insult, the riders should let armstead play the rest of the game at QB and let him rack up some stats...haha

Wouldn't it be absolutely hilarious if the Ti-Cats came back and won this game?

That would only happen if Sask.
forgot to come out for the second half.

Even then it would be a close game with
Hamilton fumbling another 3 or four times.

Yup. Only in Sask. The good news is that the Riders are going to be so full of themselves after playing Hamilton the last couple of weeks that they are going to forget to play against the Bombers the next couple of weeks. hope..... :wink:

I'm ashamed to say I've been booted out of TV land tonight... some da#@ed stuff of the tube better than football. :oops:

Whats the Sask - TiCat game score? Please!! Its 8:52pm Ottawa time.



34-3 Riders Halftime

37-3? Something like that. It's brutal

The Bombers got crushed by Hamilton.

I doubt the Riders will have any problems rolling over the Bombers.

Thanks guys, guess I'll go walk the dog and have a beer...a rum, a beer and hope the game doesn't go like last nights game.. :stuck_out_tongue: and end up 34-6 before I come back..... :wink:

Yeah and the Bombers crushed your Eskies earlier this year and then your Eskies got MILTED!!! the second time around. What's your point?

anyone see that adriano belli cheapshot on butler earlier?...what a loser.

Damn-it what is the AM radio station in Regina that calls the games.... I could call it up on the internet and listen... I can't log into the Sask internet site to find out- seems to be blocked right now.......Arggghhhhh

Well you haven't missed much. I think I actually fell asleep for part of the 3rd quarter. I think Hamilton is actually outscoring the Riders 1-0 in the 3rd quarter though.

Told you guys, I'd have a beer and the TiCats would make it closer - Whooppeee, a whole point closer.... found the AM station..they seem really bored with the play by play.... don't blame them...