Saskatchewan ... Kent Austin ... Grey Cup ... SkyDome

Anyone else getting a nasty flashback here?

I had flashbacks since 1962. I think?

I 'm seeing flashbacks from Sask's last Grey Cup (?) victory against us .....

I feel the irony of Kent Austin returning to Toronto for what was supposed to be the Argos Grey Cup...

They couldn't get Austin out of Toronto fast enough a few years ago....

He was blamed for all the offensive problems,game after game .

Now he's the coach of the year (hope not /curse)and returns triumphantly on his Green bail of hay to most likely claim Earl Greys Cup right in the heart of Toronto.


Get really,really,really,really drunk this week and maybe you will forget there is this idiot on the roughriders named flick!Nahhh I will just cheer for the bombers!

or get really really drunk this week and try to forget the idiots in here


My flashback is the irony of getting "sacked" by the Argos last year and returning this year representing the West in the Grey Cup and the odds-on favourite to win Coach of the Year.

Good on ya Kent - Argos SUK!

Damon Allen was never the same after Austin left, was he? Finished poorly last year, and fell right off the map this year.