Saskatchewan jerseys

On my own website, I changed the Reebok CFL jerseys (for the better, I hope), by changing the colours on existing pictures. I'm wondering if anyone would like to see my efforts. I like what I did for Saskatchewan (and for all the teams, generally), but I'm interested to see what other CFL fans think. For the Riders, the changes were fairly significant. For instance, the third jersey is no longer black! But I think it works, and it is a colour I've seen the Riders wear on pants from time to time...with green of course. I also made changes to the home and away, particularly the pants, and I'd be fascinated to think what Saskatchewan fans think of my work for their team and all the others. Please see Then just follow the links to see what other changes I made.

Rather see the Riders go back to their 2004 jerseys, and keep their current thirds, which don't need changing at all because it's real old school CFL, and I'd rather see them play in that than they home jerseys.

only thing about Riders uniform I don't like is that the helmets don't seem to match with the green of the uniforms, and the silver pants sux!

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Did you use the paint program to do that? That hucking falarious!

I personally love the BLACK third jersey. Other changes are fine but leave the black alone!!!

When the CFL changed all the team's uniforms last year, how come they didn't change montreal's?

leave the jersey as is! No messin with Tradition.

that Silver in the jersey is butt ugly.. sorry...

Here we go again... leave the jersey the way it is!!!

Montreal rejected the design when news of it got out, and for good reason, cuz it was but ugly.

Reebox just added the team's name and a new third instead.

No more "queer eye for the straight guy" or "what not to wear" episodes please. How about we talk football, not fashion, who cares what the jerseys look like.