Saskatchewan is cursed

First the riders shank the grey cup! THEN the gold metal game is lost on rider's land! SURE HAD TO BE ALL GREEN With Security and such AND CURSE THE RED N WHITE EFF!! haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I said at the beginning of the tournament, if we don't win it all I blame it on the green jerseys. And I stick to that.

Haven't liked anything about sask since they ruined our perfect record back in 2003.

I just knew a thread like this one was going to pop up. :wink:

We won 5 in a row, almost as good as our jr football team. oh well cant win em all, thanks for some great Hockey jr,s :thup: 16 to 0 vs latvia 8)

Yup, the sun rose this morning and it was a beautiful day out there, imagine even after getting beat in our own sport as many say by a country that is for the most part indifferent to the sport. Ah, life goes on. As long as our CFL doesn't go under, then I start to get worried that the sun may not actually come up again. :wink:

But yes, the juniors did excellent and what everyone puts into it, coaches, players, admin etc. is fantastic! :thup:

I blame the Swiss jerk who took out our player from behind. I am sending a pox on his family. And may the problem that plagued AB3 plague that dirty jerk for the rest of his life. :lol:

The ugly green jerseys were pretty bad too. A travesty .

I kinda liked the idea of the green jerseys-- thought they were ugly though.
It was a helluva game where the better team on that night won. Man I hate losing to the Americans though. That made it the most bitter. Swedes, Russians, whatever -- that would be easier to stomach.

Alas, as they do every year, they showed how hockey was meant to be played. The best game of the year is always in early January.

And, as has been mentioned, one country winning for the better part of a decade probably isn't very good for the long-term success of the tournament. Nor is it good for the amount of pressure that gets put on 17,18,19 year old players. That's a lot to handle.

8) Gold METAL Game????? :roll:

I don't get it?

What's given out at the end of tournaments are medals. Metals are what the medals are made of.

I prefer medals made of donuts. Which is probably why I don't win very many medals for my athleticism.

LOL. Me too. Especially Krispy Kreme donuts. Those things are addictive.

Couldn't agree more. The Riders are cursed. This Tillman thing is ridiculous.
Michael Vick murders dogs and is back within 3 years. That is the scum of the earth.
Now with Chick leaving and the Grey Cup game. Wow.
They'll still be strong this year. But after that who knows.
IMO Popp & Tillman are still the best two GMs in the league.

Relax,folks. If Canada's Juniors had won the Gold Medal game, it would have been called back for too many players on the ice.


Definately the green jerseys. Ugly as heck. We would have won with the red/white/black.
Good thing Olympic hockey is starting soon. With the team we have, the junior's loss and the green jerseys should be forgotten quickly.

Extra bonus points to you for not saying Tim Hortons...

I wasn't aware you had to be grammatically flawless to post here...Were you never taught if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself? Not everybody is as good at spelling or with grammar as others! We all have our week points and our strong points! Like I can build a house from ground up, I can Cook like its nobody business. Mocking me is just outright rude. I come on here to talk about Ticats and read up on what new. I enjoy seeing what some people have to say, as some of you people are very smart! If you don't like that i have a mistake here and there, put me on your block list, otherwise keep it to yourself. Im always willing to learn, if i have used the wrong word do feel free to show me how it's done properly, Do not mock me!

8) OK, sorry if I offended you by pointing out your spelling mistake !!
 But in your next sentence you ask me to show you how it's done properly.

 OK, in your above quote it should read, " Weak Points ", not "Week Points" .

 No Offence to you, but I am a good cook also !!!   Just ask "borehamgirl" if you don't believe me !!!       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> 

 As I said above,  No offence to you,  I'm always willing to help you out.  You're a good man, buddy !!

YAH? Oh well, generally people are picking me apart. Not necessarily here but other forums I lurk! I use spell check, but sometimes it uses the wrong one, and I may not know the difference! I am trying to teach myself to be better!
Oskie wee wee :smiley:

Grandad's donuts rulez!