SASKATCHEWAN hires new GM --- unofficial

It hasn't been made official yet, but I just got word that a contract has been offered and the candidate has basically accepted all the terms, and could sign the contract as soon as tomorrow.

He told me wanted to let this day go bye and have the fans indulge the information and then look for the future to be bright in Rider Green!

He says it could come to that the terms are not what he wants to finalize the deal, because sometimes contracts work out that way last minute, but both sides are eager to get the unofficial proposal complete, and he sees himself in Rider Green!

For those wanting my release from the league please forward your copies, and then I will fax them by tomorrow.

I am leaving for Hamilton on Wednesday so I will not be able to get them to you, unless we make prior arrangements before I arrive at the league office on Friday.

I am hoping to have mine complete tonight, so I can send it to Regina and then the media arragements will be complete.

Thank you!

I do not wan't to comprise the relationship with my CFL insiders, and people who I associate with on a daily basis, so I will keep top sources throughout the league to a minimum, and keep the source undisclosed.

Those are the people who I worry for, and not the usual casual fan who declines my news.

Thank you

If you are so damn smart, tell us who this dude is… Everyone already knows they have somebody in mind.

McMahon -- no offense but I dont understand your point.