Saskatchewan has good fans but...

only 22,779 versus the Argos tonight. Pretty weak in my opinion, especially for such an important game. Where is the rider pride?

One reason might be the blackout was lifted.

A good question. I've often wondered why it is that, if Regina has the best fans in the CFL, they can't get great crowds? And don't try the our-city-is-the-smallest-in-the-CFL excuse, it holds no water.

I agree Canuckkev. I don't understand why they don't sell-out that many games, or even come close if they have so many 'diehard' fans and everyone bleeds Rider green?

...c'mon guys. We ALL know that the only people who consider them the "best" fans are themselves.

Riders attendance is basically the same as Winnipegs. Their fans are no better then anyone else's in the CFL. It drives me nutz when they call themselves Canada's team. "Rider Pride Nation wide" LOL. Reminds me of another slogan owned by the men who play for the other team.

The fans that show the most support in this league are in Alberta and BC. And the attendance stats show it. The Riders self proclaimed 'best fans' is just hearsay.

BC? Maybe this year but there's a reason they tarped off the upstairs...

I can admit the Lions don't have the best fans yet. But we're getting closer to the top. Our attendance this year has been rock solid, and almost getting better each and every game. We are definetly a bandwagon team when it comes to that though.

As far as I’m concerned the biggest fan in the house last night was the ever-nauseating Glen “the Gopher” Suitor. Will the guy EVER shut up about how great the Riders players are? One play in particular…Antonios Bonner makes a great defensive plpay and Cuthbert tries to talk about it but the Gopher puts a stop to that because he hasn’t finished his three minute rant about Corey Holmes!? The producers should start demanding more dead air out of the guy…ugh!


True RLR, I did say "this year"... Let's hope the momentum continues.

Definitely the best sports fans are in Edmonton. With the pathetic turnout yesterday, I hope Edmonton finishes second, the league does not need the Riders to host a playoff date and risk a similar terrible turnout(note, remember the Winnipeg embaressment of a few years back). Atleast Edmonton will have 30,000+ in the stands.

I hope so too. I want every team to get rock solid attendance. I would love for us to get a season ticket base of 25,000 for next season.

There could have been many reasons for the lack of Rider fans at the game last night. Farmers trying to get their crop done, a 7 pm game start where out of town people have trouble making it. I don't know what the reasons are in this province. With the buzz the Riders generate in this province they should get 27000-29000 fans a game. Unfortunately everybody can't make it to the game.

Personally I left work at 520, and live 200 kms away and still made it to see the end of the first quarter. Some people just can't do that and also can't afford to do that because of gas prices.

ummmmm roughyfan .....out... I guess that's the cool thing to do now.

If we finally get a home playoff game I guarantee we will sell out that game.

The upstairs at BC Place has been open the last couple of games and is expected to remain so for the rest of the season. The lower bowl holds just under 30,000 , BTW , so even without the upper , that's still more than most teams get .
I find it a big laugh when the Riders came here last year, many of their fans claimed that they accounted for 20,000 at our stadium, when that's all they got at their own stadium. And we were averaging almost the same number up to that for the games leading up to the Rider games.

.........there's a civic strike going on in Regina, no buses or garbage p/u........with no public transit could this have caused a shortage of fans?.......I still say it's a lame excuse, Mrs.RedandWhite and I lived in Regina many years back for awhile when we were younger and only had one car, I often walked anywhere I needed to go......set out an hour or two early with a backpack full of Pil and your Rider flag worn as a cape and what's the big deal?........

Poor excuse here, but I know a few people in PA and Saskatoon who didn't make the trip yesterday due to the WHL season's commencement. Not that it would make a huge difference, but a butt in a seat is a butt in a seat. . .

OHHHHH I see.... now the Riders are competetive and you cant throw the "You have'nt beaten any top teams" scenario back in our now lets revert back to picking on the fans... when does it ever end. :evil:

when the riders win the GREY CUP…lol

Sigh, and why would not a smaller market generally have smaller numbers!

Ever other business in the world is impacted by the number of people within its market area. Just remember that a place like Vancouver has more people within a 30 minute WALK of its stadium than Taylor Field has within a 2 hour Drive! If you do not think that has an impact, your are delusional!

As for the number of people at last nights game, a 7pm start on a Friday night is difficult for people from outside Regina to get to. Plus we had a week of dry weather after a fair bit of rain, thus people were harvesting.

You may not like my answer, but its reality! If you do not think so, then why when people discuss where to house a 10th team do they talk about the number of people in the area? If population has no impact on the viability of a sport team, why not move the Lions to Prince Rupert? Lots of cheap land around there…