Saskatchewan @ Hamilton

Well plain and simple we have to end our downward spiral, have to shut down Glenn and the passing game and have to get a running game going to take pressure off Durant

Riders by 8

Durant has to run more - not just when he has to scramble - we need some called plays to Durant to keep their D guessing.
Special teams needs to give us field position and the D has to show us that they are capable of being successful under RH's schemes. Hopefully all goes as planned and we begin our winning streak on the way to our 3rd straight GC appearance.
Go Riders Go.

Good news for the D - Arland Bruce won't be playing this week.

I'll be going to the game to cheer for the Riders. I hate the Cats. And it's MMA day at Ivor maybe I'll get a Ti-Cats fan in choke hold or KO a security guard.

Thanks for the support Birdman. You sound like a good candidate for being a full fledged Rider fan what with the choke holds and stuff.

The same Toronto fans that start fights, turn and hide behind security guards and stay behind them until the stadiums empty?
Or how about the ones that taunt from inside the bus and then when someone calls them on it, they slam the window shut?I don't like Toronto and likely never will, have their noses twisted all the way to the sky and think they're better than everybody.

OK,, I cant help it now.... we are a pathetic excuse for a football team at this point in this season.. Period

What a horrid outing. Why was Dr not pulled twenty minutes in.

Totally disgusting on all fronts - star of the game - Eddie Johnson - that says it all. Our D is the worst in the league - 3 man pressure and they still give up 1st down yardage. Gretzlaf is also giving me fits - he will make the most fantastic catch and then drops the touchdown toss - he also doesn't fight for the ball - the one interception he was in a position to at least make an attempt to knock the ball away. Lots of credit to Hamilton for coming out at handing it to us. Either we don't have the personell to get the job done or our coaching staff sucks. I would say the latter on the defensive side of the ball ball and on the offensive side we don't have the receiving corps to get the job done. I sure hope we see a different team take the field next week but I am not holding my breath.

ive said it many times...not a Getz and cold.

Boy, did the Riders ever suck in Hamilton!

And that's being polite :oops:

Berry has them playing the same anemic style offence he had going in Winnipeg!

He is probably saying to his players, "Hey we got 3 points, at least we did not get shut-out, could have been worse!"

So why did Durant lead the league in passing yardage last year under Berry? Why did Glenn have a banner season under Berry the year Winnipeg went to the Grey Cup game?

The team has been hit hard by departures (Fantuz) and injuries (Bagg, Koch, Hawkins), the running back is a geriatric, the O-line is suspect, and the secondary is a mess. Taman has to be accountable. He inherited a quality franchise that had been to the Grey Cup three of the past four years and managed to piss it away in one offseason.