Saskatchewan @ Hamilton GDT

This is the best defence for any rookie QB to play, they make it so easy by not even covering players.

I think Glenn has to take a deep shot at some point, Hamilton's DBs are too good they'll jump one if you keep going short.

Matthews has looked okay, but everyone is at least 5 yards open. I think he was closer than the nearest defender on his touchdown pass. Just atrocious D, same thing as last week with BC.

That was a dumb penalty.

I went out on a limb and pick the Riders to upset. I knew this was the most likely to go wrong on me.

You may as well put 12 orange cones on the field for defense, they could probably cover better.

Getzlaf drop the ball?? Rod Black called him "Mr. Velcro!".

Not sure what he has been watching for the last 5 years...

I wouldn't blame Kevin Glenn for the offensive struggles, but spark the team and put Brett Smith in.

This looks like one of the worst halves of football the Riders have played this year.

Always got to prove me wrong Kevin. Put Smith in this game.

I like the fire Mathews showed, but you don't celebrate a first down when the clock is running inside of 20 seconds lol. Teaching moment for the young QB.

I said in the offseason, on here I can't remember if it was on here or not, that getting rid of Ritchie Hall was a horrible decision. At least we had a competitive defense with him here. Not so much this year.

The entire defense is a pile of hot garbage right now except for Chick. Ritchie Hall always had a respectable defence, even if his prevent defense drove me nuts.

Shut out football at the half - 20-0 Hamilton

And as I commented also in the thread of "Too Many Penalties," especially Black but also Forde are amongst the worst of the announcers on this note in TSN's coverage of the CFL!

That was on the Refs, not the commentators - wake up man!
Hamilton pick-off - this game may be a Tiger Cat blow out.

I was in the other room and heard the announcers say something about a rumoured trade involving kevin glenn thats why he wasnt starting the second half. I wasnt sure if they were joking but I heard them say something about "he might as well just walk over to the other sideline". Anybody have any idea?

Rider D is bad??????? How does Dressler get that wide open? Closest Ti-Cat was 20 yards away.

Worst game of the year. How did the Riders win two games this season?

How does a 5 yard quick hit go for an 80 yard td? Embarrassing.