Saskatchewan @ Hamilton GDT

Game on!

Bit of bad luck on the roughing the kicker. It wasn't close to a block at all, just didn't pay attention to where he was headed.

And McCallum missed a 28 yard field goal. Brandon Banks bails him out with a poor decision.

I don't care at all about this game, but it's the only good football on TV tonight so there.

Hopefully we are surprised later given those two examples of folly already.

It's hindsighting, but it appears to me from that fine replay observation by Forde that Banks simply took the wrong angle.

If he had gone on a path merely about 2 yards to the left as he left the end zone, he would have left that cover team in the dust!

With the field goal being only from 27 or 28 yards out, it was a stupid decision because the cover team is pretty much in position immediately. If it was from 40 or further, it makes sense to run it out.

And the Rider d bails out Banks by poor tackling and a sorry excuse for coverage.

That's par for the course, we have come to expect that.

Unfortunate injury to Hall. He was really poor to start the season, but his play had improved of late. The pass rush will take a hit, although the run D may be improved with him out.

/Slides you a Manhattan - it's the least I could do for all that suffering this season including in so many close losses!

Sad but true.

Thanks brother

Thought the Riders might challenge that for PI, was certainly contact.

Glenn to Dressler - who would have ever thought eh? I have only been watching since 2009, but that call by TSN was a flashback of star names as if it were 2011 and was great to hear.

I don't think there's a worse fundamental defence than Saskatchewan's. Sloppy tackling, poor coverage, they do it all.

The Riders drop 10 and still leave a massive hole in coverage. Luckily it was a drop.

Getzlaf has 2 easy drops tonight. Maybe he should have stayed out of the line up.

And an punt block on the next play.

Ya he's done. Certainly not worth what he's getting paid.

Way to go Black and Forde, lets not even tell the audience what the penalty was for.

I see, penalty for illegal advancing of football.