Saskatchewan for everything of the year

We get it Turkey.


Flattest province of the year award goes to..... wait.... Saskatchewan for the 1000th time Yay Saskatchewan!!!


Grow up.


I laughed.

Me too...:lol:

Seriously...turkey is getting a little too carried away with these things...

The flattest province thing was funny - small correction though: it's the 102nd time.

I think cflgameanyone's comment was more about the "Kel" thing, not the award thing. I know they are just trying to get under your skin, but you'll only make it worse by objecting. Consider it a form of flattery and then it won't bother you and, incidentally, it will eventually stop.

And, yes, jm02, those who don't know turkeybend would see little distinction between the threads he starts and an average troll. He means well but ...

Thanks legalbeagle you are a gentleman and a scholar.


The only difference between turkey and the average troll is that turkey has been doing it longer.

Me as well :lol:

The difference between turkey and a troll, is that if you view more then one of his posts, it is clear that the guy is having fun posting amuzing things in support of his team.

He doesn't expect to be taken seriously. That is why so many on here look forward to his Turkey rankings....

Whereas a troll expects to be taken seriously enough to start something.

very true

Very well put, Mike. I think turkey is hilarious most of the time and when he is serious, he has great insights, but I just wonder if he would be as funny to us if we weren't Rider fans like him. Trying to walk a mile in a BC (for example) fan's shoes might change the perspective. Anyways, it ain't me whose going to stop him - in fact, I 'm not even trying to. But I am trying to see it from another angle. What would be good is another turkey-like character from another team or two, to give some balance and still keep things light around here. Sure don't want to be a partypooper ...

I'm a fan of Edmonton and I don't mind his posts. :smiley:

Although I applaud the attempts at humour, it does get to be a bit much some times. There is this little word "perspective" which Turkey'posts seem to lack.