Saskatchewan feeling the pressure?

Will Corey Sheets trip on his lower lip if he doesnt get the ball early?

:thup: :thdn:

I take this as a sign of nervousness from Stamps fans. Fact is, this week's game is the real Grey Cup as whoever wins in the semi will win the Cup.

Glad you feel that way, the tears will be very real when it fails to work out for you.

There's pressure every year when the Riders are hosting a playoff game. I don't think there's extra pressure leading up to this game as opposed to those games previously. With any sudden playoff game, there's a chance they lose, but I know they aren't looking past BC.

Can't see how there wouldn't be pressure on the Riders. With how they started the season, the already big hype went through the roof. They have a lot to prove to everyone including themselves in this game after how the 2nd half of the seaon went.

I think having Best back could be a significant factor. He and Heenan are a great tandum. You can have the 2 best OLmen in history playing beside eachother, but chemistry is so important on the OL (toss up on where it is more important....there or secondary...I say OL, an yes I know it is still important everywhere, some places simply more so than others).

BC really comes into this game with probably the least pressure of any playoff team, and that can always be scary to be up against. As their starting QB has been out and they dropped 2/3 against the Riders this season, a win would be viewed as a bit of an upset IMO.

IF the Riders should make it to Calgary...I still tend to think the pressure is on the Riders. They lost 2/3 to them, and it is a Regina GC. Calgary was there last year, so I think will be pretty level headed going in. If BC is there, again, least amount of pressure, but probably more so than this week.

I tend to think some players are looking past BC based on comments...big mistake. The coaching staff needs to regognize this and snap...get livid and in their faces about it, to trully bring them to the game at hand.

So what your saying is that either Ham or Mtl will win the Cup then??? So I guess that also means that the Cup will be hosted by the city of Guelph and not Saskatchewan???? Gee who would have thought???? Thanks for straightening that out for everyone. Get back to me on this on Sunday night,but I predict that the Lions are going to eat the Riders up and spit them out in Sundays game.Believe me,the last thing the Stamps are worried about are the Riders,cause there's a very good chance they won't even be playing them in the West Final. :slight_smile: :cowboy:

When the Riders lose this Sunday, think about all the Grey Cup tickets that will go on sale. There'll be alot of happy CFL fans.

The RIDERS have the best fans in the CFL :thup:
However it also helps to be the only pro game in town [Province]. :wink:

I also think that too many SASK. fans are taking B.C. , too lightly. First beat B.C. then talk about beating Calgary. :wink:

I think that it is entirely possible that the Riders could lose on Sunday but don't count on a great deal of Riders fans giving up their seats. Despite being: loud, green, obnoxious, ambinoxious and they have to claim Alberta beer as their own. Riders fans are above all else, great fans! :lol: :lol:

In fact I would suspect that because the value for scalped tickets would rise dramatically should the Riders advance, there may be more tickets available if they are in the big game.


Of course there will be some fans who sell there tickets if the Riders are not in it, but that is the same in every single city. Shouldn’t be all that many that do, although there are always some. I know I’ll be there cheering on the Green and White regardless if they are actually playing in the game or not.

Well said, and agree completely.

There is a lot of pressure on the Saskatchewan "organization" more so than the players are probably feeling. They've spent their load on this year's roster. Many on the riders forum claim that the team is way over the cap. If that is the case and they lose this weekend that will be a serious blow to their management and aspirations. Taman will be embarrassed and Chamblin's NFL aspirations are dead.

Are watermelons in season at this time of year in Riderville? Just asking. :smiley:

Agree with everything. Only thing I'd add is that the Riders were one of the more active teams in FA, adding Anderson, Foley, Brown, and bringing Chick back from the NFL. And they brought in Simon. So they loaded up a bit and got off to a hot 8-1 start, but the 3-6 finish to the second half of the year puts a lot of pressure on them IMO.


The best fans in the CFL are... Argos fans.

It is easy to be a Riders fan, everyone and their dog in (or from) Saskatchewan is a Riders fan. Really good fans don't just follow the crowd, they root for their team despite widespread apathy (and derision) from their fellow citizens. Riders fans used to be good back in the days of telethons, empty Taylor field benches and wheat for tickets. Same with Stamps fans in the days of SOS, 3-13 records and a shiny new NHL team in town.

40 years ago, the Argos were a relatively close second in the hearts of Torontonians behind the Leafs. Then the Jays became the shiny new toy, then the Raptors, then TFC became the media's darling. For the last 40 years, the Argos have played in baseball stadiums (and not even nice baseball stadiums either) But through those years there are a core of Argo fans that just haven't gone away despite all of Paul Godfrey's, the Toronto media's and MLSE's efforts.

Rider fans often complain about the treatment they get from Stamps and Esks fans, but they only get that treatment outside Saskatchewan. Inside the rectangle, it is easy sailing for Riders fans. But on the other hand, Argo fans get crapped on by supposed sports fans in their own city. But they endure. It wouldn't surprise me if after a nuclear war, the only 2 living things are cockroaches and Argo fans. Seriously, Argo fans are resilient.

I think I'm like a lot of CFL fans... I have a western team and an eastern team. My eastern team are the Ti-Cats, so I am honour bound to end this post with ARGOS SUCK! But man, you have go to respect their fans.

Well spoken, I take my hat off to the Argo fans.

Both of them. :cowboy: :lol:


Here's to an ARGO vs RIDERS GREY CUP!! :cowboy: :rockin: :thup: 8) 8) 8) 8) :smiley:

"Well spoken, I take my hat off to the Argo fans.

Both of them. :cowboy: :lol:"…. by cfleskfan

Absolutely hillarious cfleskfan! Very good. That one caught me by surprise. :thup:

I’m really wondering what Turkeybend’s mantra is going to be should his Roughriders let him down this Sunday.