Saskatchewan feeling the pressure?

Practices all closed to the media.

I wonder if Sheets, Anderson and the rest of the gang are still looking
past BC.

Might be a big mistake if they are. :stuck_out_tongue:

Common practice this time of the year.

There is pressure no doubt, but I think the most pressure is on Calgary, they’ve romped through the season with ease.

Totally disagree, other than the obvious fact that there is no pressure whatsoever on calgary this week as they can sit back in their lazyboys and enjoy BC and Saskatchewan beat each other up.

The other fact is that Saskatchewan has been played up even before the season began as pulling out all the stops to be in the "home' Grey Cup. They have built this team for that one shot and anything less that a Grey Cup victory or at least an appearance would make this season for the Riders a huge failure.

I don't think closing the practice however has anything to do with the pressure.

I think if Chamblin had his way, all practices would be closed, from regular season on.

He needs to worry more about whether the plays work and not whether Joe from Carronport knows about a double reverse to Dan Clark


HIstory in the Western Conference shows many, many 1st place finishers disappear in the playoffs and DO NOT represent the West in the Grey Cup. This year will be no different with the city that is hosting the Grey Cup also HAVING THEIR HOME TEAM PLAYING!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Glad Rider fans are looking beyond BC. Andersons comments earlier would indicate that the players are too.

Far more first place finishers go on the the Grey Cup than second or third place. Hopefully somone has the comparison, I have seen it but I can't find it.

I smell an upset brewing in the Western Semi game.All the pressures on the Green Team,Lions have nothing to lose,and will win this game and break the Rider Nation's Heart on a last second f.g. The Riders won 8 of their first 9 and only 3 of their last 9.I've watched the Green Team all season and they are definetly been a different team in the back half of the season than the one that rolled to an 8-1 record at the 1/2 way mark of the season.I sense that all is not right in Riderville and they are ripe for the picking and will be one and done after Sunday.

I'd say the pressure is definitely on Calgary. They owned the regular season and have the strongest overall team to go with the best depth at the most important position (QB). They're rightly Grey Cup favorites and that obviously carries some pressure. Furthermore, every year since 2008 has ended with the team falling short of expectations. This should be their year to win it all. If they don't, the label "choker" will get affixed to Hufnagel's squad pretty fast...

I agree, I also think that it is no coincidence that the Riders on field problems began when their off field troubles surfaced. It appears that they have been a team far less focused than they were to start the season.

What's going on in Regina? I know capacity is expanded for the Cup but still, having empty seats for a playoff game?

The Riders head coach is concerned that there are still tickets available for Sunday’s West Division semifinal (3:30 p.m.) against the B.C. Lions at Mosaic Stadium. The Riders don’t disclose the number of available tickets for home games. There are reports of approximately 15,000 ducats remaining.

Please explain how there is any pressure whatsoever on Calgary right now, last I checked they weren't playing. Come back in a week and you can speculate on Calgary.

One thing, the Lions must be overjoyed that they seem to be flying under the radar.

Calgary will need to replace the three guys they lost in the season ender vs the the Lions. The extra week off will help, or should help with that and help the the other guys who came out of that game a little beaten up. There will be some pressure on Huf to explain why he didn't rest some guys like the other teams did in a nothing game if they can't overcome those losses. Huf probably doesn't care what anyone else thinks though.

Pressure cooker in Riderville with hosting the GC this year, that's for sure.

I don't think it'll be a sellout, but I would be disappointed if it's below 37 or 38k which is well above normal capacity. You have to remember that capacity was expanded to 45k for the Grey Cup. The Riders have close to 30,000 season ticket holders. Find a middle ground between those numbers and you'll probably get the attendance. I will be doing my best to try to get people to pick up tickets.

The Stamps are under a great deal of pressure, trying to decide what snacks to serve while watching the West Semi.

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  1. Riders have smallest market in the league
  2. Riders have the best attendance in the league
  3. Riders are hosting the Grey Cup and it will be the best party ever.
  4. The hometown Riders will be in the Western Semi-Final, Final and the Grey Cup
  5. Neither Miley Cyrus, Rob Ford, or Pamela Wallin will be doing the opening ceremonial kick-off! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Rider Pride Nation Wide

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Boing......boing / 33-16 Rider Spoosh over BC...

Will the 13th man help or hinder the Riders? :thup: :thdn: