Saskatchewan fans

We only recently earned the right to drink beer fresh from the can here in Hamilton. At first I thought it was because they thought we were all grown up, but then I started to think about it...

A few year ago we got a new concession company. They had some very bad games at the beginning - running out of food, hot dogs that still had frost in the centre, etc. But the beer sellers and the length of time it took them to fill the plastic cups was something else entirely. They tried all kinds of new systems - running down to the beer store on Barton Street for each order, putting the beer on ice only after it had been ordered, etc. - the lines just kept getting longer and longer and longer. Finally someone had a bright idea - sell it in the can. Solved everything overnight.

Don't know if it's just me but everything, win or lose, seems so much better now.

an even better solution, dont sell beer at all. If a person cant watch a game without a beer in their hand, gut, and head, then said person is pretty damn pathetic.

Had season tix since 1994,thank you. And you? Nevertheless, I've never seen a visiting team leave the sidelines due to being bombarded by home fans at IWS.

FYB, it sounds like you could use a beer. It might take a bit of the annoying edge off of your contributions to this forum.

but then again, what does a section8 know about anything :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :wink:

Well, there is that...

Nope, BC Place serves its "Room Temprature" beer in plastic cups.

How about sippy cups that will do it? A very simple solution to this is remove all alcohol at games in the stands. Have a lounge out side the stadium with a large screen TV with a live feed. Serve beer in there. Have a head charge to get in but those in that facility are not allowed to go into the stands. Thus you seperate the football fans from the I got to go to the game and get drunks fans.

You will never remove liquor from the football stands. People will just bring it in, usually in the form of hard liquor.

yOu mean like they use too. Tell you waht that would be better then having the booze opennly at the games as it is now. You know why? Because then the police can charge public drunkness. As it stands now it is difficult because the sell it to their customers. So the stadium is accepting that fact. But if that drunkness goes to far where a fan actually causes harm to othe fans or poses a risk that is a different story. Being drunk in public can get you arrested. Not in a bar because frankly the establishment is condoning the act. But once you leave your fair game. It is truly sad that most likely by next year tailgaters may lose out because of some can not handle just having a beer to have fun. The Stampeders for instance some of the best tail gate parties to be hand have stricter restrictions this year and next year tail gating may not even be allowed only because some drunk ruins it for others. This is the problem in Saskatchewan the way I preceive it. It is not rider nation that is the problem it is a group of fans that have the need to come to games get drunk and ruin it for the real football game watching fan. Sad but true and youeven expose the next generation to it how great. The kid goes to school says hey I had fun sneaking a drink from the drunk sitting next to us and man he had fun. I say remove the booze sneak it in and let security or the police handle those that over indulge and cause problems for reall football fans. Thats my opinnion.

What I would like to see is the security that is at the game watch the fans instead of the game. It is impossible to find the troublemakers when you aren't paying attention

Your right they are paid to do a job not watch the game. In watching the video that was not happening they were watching the game and what was going on in mid field. The security at your stadium is weak at best and thats hope they can make the changes required to catch the stupidity before it hurts the reputation of the team and its fans.

Saskatchewan has responded.

Good on the club for drawing a hard line on this.

Thats great now that see how security responds to those fans this friday night. I salute the organization for taking these steps. And now it is up to the fans to respond.

Fans at Ivor Wynne didnt dump beer cans on the Riders bench when they won the game on the controversial Dressler "fumble"- so I guess it doesnt happen everywhere.
How many years have you been going to ivor wynne? ever seen drunken stupidity? snowballs? beer on refs? home team? visiting team? give me a break. Drunk fans can misbehave anywhere and most people realise its not a reflection of the majority of fans.
geeesh......its not like somebody got their ear bit off or something.....
Had season tix since 1994,thank you. And you? Nevertheless, I've never seen a visiting team leave the sidelines due to being bombarded by home fans at IWS.
The visiting team in hamilton can hide in the dugout, and they have.....Ive seen the refs lucky to get out alive from everything imaginable being thrown at them. It became some kind of east endzone tradition to shower the opposing team with beer after the game and they had to build a little canape for them to run under, the refs also. Ive seen argo players go up into the stands after fans bombarding them with snowballs. Matt Dunnigan said once that hamilton is the only stadium he has ever seen the HOME team go into the stands after fans. Ive been going since the early 70's and I have seen it all. If you think that ticat fans are any different than sask fans when it comes to drunk and stupid you are wrong, they all have idiots in an otherwise great crowd. The fans in sask were reacting to a bad call by the ref, doesnt make it any better but that is what it was. Tom Clements had his whole family threatened and windows put out in hamilton. Ref Mccolman needed police protection from fans after his bad call. There are idiots in every fan base and sports crowd in the world an saskatchewan fans are great, ticat fans are great but both teams have their share of idiots and crap happens everywhere and its not a reflection of sask fans because some idiots acted up. They do here too.