Saskatchewan fans

Watched last nights game and was very impressed with the teams tribute to Ron Lancaster, the numbers on the helmets, the letters RL on the 23 yard line and all the fans in the stands wearing #23.
Good on you's for paying the man such well earned and deserved recognition.


to start throwing so many beer cans at the BC players that Buono had to move the guys away from the bench was such a disgusting display that I hope the cops spotted the ones responsible and showed you the happy end of a billy club on the way out.

There's no excuse for that BS and there will never be a time or situation that's it's condoned or considered acceptable behaviour, but on a night meant to honour Ron Lancaster made it even worse.
Great job on showing just how much respect you have for the players in this league.

It won't take away from the night's tributes or the legend that is Ron Lancaster, that's impossible but it sure changed the way a lot of people in the league will view some Saskatchewan fans.

Most are great but obviously some are cowardly beyond belief and don't deserve to ever be allowed back into a CFL game.

it could happen anywhere theres a crowd and booze.

Of course it could, but it doesnt.

..just like the donkey's A## that threw the beer can at the Toronto player from section does unfortunately happen.

Your right the porblem is some people just do not care and have a total lack of respect. Anight to honour a legend and they do this to not only embarass themselves but their fellow fans and the CFL. I hope fans come forward with thee seat numbers of those responsible so they have their seats revoked.

I saw a lot of fans with beer and looked like they had more than one and wondered what they paid for beer. It also seems like they have much less gate rules than us. Life is so sweet and fun when you have a wining team.

Was there and it was very disgusting to those of us that watched it happen. It seems that it grew and grew as the game progressed and the consumption increased. It didn't help that some questionable calls were made by the officials and a BC player threw a ball into the stands after a fumble recovery.
All that still didn't give the "rowdy's" the right to do what they did do. I think they forgot that the Riders will, at some point, visit the BC home crowd. I just hope that the BC crowd realize that it wasn't the Rider team that did this and that it was some idiots in the crowd.

When I was there last year it was $5/can (normal-sized, not tallboy).

Watched last nights game and was very impressed with the teams tribute to Ron Lancaster, the numbers on the helmets, the letters RL on the 23 yard line and all the fans in the stands wearing #23. Good on you's for paying the man such well earned and deserved recognition.
8) All was classy except for the one minutes silence in memory of Ron. Several yahoos yelling loudly during that period, was very disrespectful and classless !!
 I know it was only a few that did it, but it was enough to spoil that segment.

 In comparison, the moments silence in Hamilton went perfectly  !!  I have never heard the whole stadium in complete silence  !!  You could have heard a pin drop during that time  !!

I was very impressed by all TiCat fans  !!!

I'll agree with you there Tipper. It was actually the only true moment of "silence" I've ever witnessed in my life. There is always some imbecile that has to make some noise, but not in this case.

Fans at Ivor Wynne didnt dump beer cans on the Riders bench when they won the game on the controversial Dressler "fumble"- so I guess it doesnt happen everywhere.

How many years have you been going to ivor wynne? ever seen drunken stupidity? snowballs? beer on refs? home team? visiting team? give me a break. Drunk fans can misbehave anywhere and most people realise its not a reflection of the majority of fans.
geeesh......its not like somebody got their ear bit off or something.....

Wish I could agree, but I can't. I heard several shouts that seemed to come from either the east end or northeast corner. At least it was fewer than can be heard in the Rider telecast from Saturday.

Repeating the obvious won't make it ok.
The world knows it's not a reflection on all, or even most fans and no one here's even remoteley suggested otherwise. I really hoped that may have been picked up on by the bolding of the word "some" in my original post.

Saskatchewan fans are IMO some of the best there is, and as a club there's a reason it's a lot of other fans 2nd favourite team. This wan't a snowball or one balloon filled with beer, it literally rained beer cans on the players and coaching staff.

You're right in that it's not exclusive to Sask. fans and yes I've seen almost anything that can be picked up thrown at the sidelines, from pennies and batteries to firecrackers and sparklers and it happens from Montreal to BC, it still doesn't make it acceptable.
Cowardly drunk pissants that use a crowd for cover and wouldn't even consider it if they had to stand alone.
Being drunk isn't a defense.

About the ear biting...when man 'a' calls man 'b's mother a name usually reserved for street whores expect the worst. One impaired weak minded tool met another and both paid a fee, hopefully neither will ever return to Ivor Wynne and that's fine by me.

Say what you want, aside from that momentary lapse in emotional/ beer fueled judgment, that was as good a football crowd as I've ever seen.

All decked in green, unbelievably loud on D and eerily quiet on offence.

That crowd gets it. And they had no problem letting the officials have it over those questionable calls.

I can only hope that we can restore our franchise to a point where we have that kind of passion back in our stadium.

I think it was the closest thing to a minute of silence we've ever had, but I have to agree with safetyblitz, there was a group in the Northeast endzone who screamed "Ronnie" just at the beginning of the moment of silence. Other than that I think it was pretty silent.

I was disgusted by the jackasses who were screaming during the Regina moment of silence. I agree with 'pope. Some idiot always has to make him/herself feel important by being the only jerk to make noise during a moment of silence. I hate that. Nothing ticks me off more.

As for the beer cans, that is stupid and dangerous. I know it can happen anywhere, but something really needs to be done about that. Someone could really be hurt. Maybe we should go with the kindergarten method of giving out beer in a plastic cup.

I've always assumed the norm to be plactic cups having grown up at Commonwealth. Are the Esks actually the ONLY CFL stadium to not serve beer in cans? wow...

Yeah, but I've even found kindergarten kids get mouthy and belligerent after about 6 beers -- plastic cup or no plastic cup. They just find something different to throw...finger paint, edible glue, chalk, etc.

Man, those lego bricks have some sharp corners...

LMAO...everyone is a comedian