Saskatchewan @ Edmonton

GO ESKIES! Half hour til kickoff. :smiley:

Looking forward to this game all day :thup: I'm expecting a blow out but I expected BC to blow out the Bombers last night.

Back-to-back weeks the Lions packed it in during the second half. Not a good sign for them.

Nice. We get Cuthbert and Suitor. :thup:

Nichols is starting? Jones better have him on a short leash otherwise this "guaranteed" blowout could actually turn into a game.

If Nichols can't move the ball on the Riders porous defence their is no hope for him.

Agreed. I wanna see a lot of Bell early. Get the pressure off Nichols.

Iā€™m thinking of not even watching this game because my doctor told me to reduce stress. This is going to be a blowout.

You know, this whole only undefeated QB this season thing needs to come with an asterisk. 1. How many starters are still standing? 2. Franklin took over last week and ripped it open.

The Riders are going to have to run the ball a lot . IMHO I think the weakness on the Esks might be the run.

Tough task for Smith trying to lead the Riders to their first win of the season against the defense that's allowed the fewest points so far.

Agree that Jones will need Nichols should be on a short leash. Don't want to let an inefficient QB give a struggling D like the Riders' any boost in confidence.

I'm glad they tried the trick play. 9th ranked defence. 3rd-and-1. In Sask's end of the field. You go for it.

That was a nice start

TD Stafford! Although he needs to work on his dance moves. :lol:

Well at least it isn't raining! Beware the storm troopers in their white unis! :smiley:

Nice TD to open the scoring!

2nd and long 3 times and the drive ends in a td. Glad our d has come to play :roll:

Here we go with the political ads. Thank you, Harper, for starting the election 6 weeks early. I guarantee you we're gonna be blitzkrieged with Conservative attack ads during every game. :roll:

Wouldn't rag on Nichols too much. After all look at how many games the Als won last season with Crompton and a good defense and Nichols is likely better than JC.[

quote="Chief"]I'm glad they tried the trick play. 9th ranked defence. 3rd-and-1. In Sask's end of the field. You go for it.
Ah yes - Jones and his trick plays! :smiley: Good way to keep the drive going.

Smith better settle down. He looked like George Plimpton out there on his first play :lol:

Decision making didn't seem to be the best. Wonder if the last instructions he received were "Whatever you do, don't get hurt!" :smiley: