Saskatchewan @ Edmonton

Go Esks Go!!! :thup:

  1. Did that Riders fan seriously shave half of his head...? :o

  2. As if we have to start Zabransky... :frowning:

if Zabransky is indeed starting, it could be a rough game for the Esks.

I'm already getting frustrated... :x

wow, what a typical Riders start.

fumble on the opening kickoff.. :roll:

ah well, at least the Esks only got 1 pt.

Sask got away lucky

oh I sure hope this isn't just a single series sort of drive.. COME ON RIDERS.

When the o-line creates holes, Cates gets yards. Who knew??

Did Edmonton actually have a defence on that drive? I didn't see them...

OK?!?! who dressed the Alouettes O-Line in Rider Colors?? :lol:


keep it up! :slight_smile:

Well, not a run defence ... um, no, even the one pass attempt was completed. The Canuck Truck ... TD!!

Don't get too down, Chief. There's plenty of time to play.

OH NO.. that referee... ugh.

WTF??? Does Zabransky have butter fingers? That’s his second bobbled snap. HOLD ONTO THE FRICKIN BALL!!!

not looking good!

that's twice now the Esks have come up empty on drives.

that's pathetic! come on Riders, what the hell is that?

Glad Armstead got a TD, cause the offence ain't gettin'er done.

that's funny, Cuthbert says the Riders know they haven't had one..

they're NEVER going to get one! hahaha

You know what's sort of funny, not really in a haha way... you'd think the Riders would want to make a point of improving special teams after what happened in the Grey Cup, but instead they hired Daley, and now their special teams is worse than ever.

First touch by Jason Armstead is a TD. I am beginning to believe that it isn't coaching, it isn't the players, it isn't the schemes, it's nothing football-related. Rather, IT'S WITCHCRAFT!!!! It just can't be explained otherwise how frequent we screw up on special teams :frowning: :cry:

ya I know.. this has probably been one of the worst year I've ever seen for Riders Special teams.