Saskatchewan Dominating Play of the Year selection

well, you know that there's a problem when 3 of the 4 plays in the Semi Final voting are Saskatchewan Roughriders.

the only reason it isn't all 4 is likely because there was no Rider player in the other quarterfinal bracket.

It's either all the Rider fans are voting or there's just not enough fans of other cities to compete.

This happens every year. It was most apparent in the one year where the fan selected play of the year was a Rider one, and the TSN commentator selected of the year and agreed upon by everyone not from Saskatchewan was the amazing SJ Green catch.

They really shouldn't put this up for fan vote when it's known that the vote is so absurdly skewed online.

That is the problem of putting things to a vote. You could have a vote on which team has the least green uniforms and Saskatchewan fans would stuff the ballot box. As long as only one cities fans care about the silly votes, they will almost always win.

What do they win anyway ? Send them a case of watermelons.

I kind of miss the movado award. I think there should be more like that handed out by the panel.

8) :rockin: Again jealousy from fans from other teams who just cannot accept that the Saskatchewan Roughriders have the best fans in Canada by miles and miles!!

Riders Rule again!! :rockin: :wink:

If by “best fans” you really mean “vote blindly for our team and have no ability to judge what the best play actually was”, then absolutely. Nobody does it better. :cowboy:

what the hell else is there to do in sask but be fanatical about the riders, even if you hate football. Critics of rider fans should be sorry for them. Without the riders, their lives would be so empty. Then again, I guess there is always curling. :stuck_out_tongue:

What a surprise, FYB jealous again. Nothing to cheer for in BC, since most people there don't know squat about sports or even it's there are any sports teams in the province. A sports dead zone. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a point, nobody gives a rat's ass about sports here. The Canucks are marketed as cool so everyone watches. People really need to start thinking for themselves.

not exactly true. Just that there are so many different sport things to be involved in that the pro teams sports are not as required. We got a lot to live. We dont need to live thru a single sports team. We downhill ski, hike in the mountains, fish in the ocean, water ski, jet ski, sail, swim in the ocean, bike year round, golf year round, tennis yr round, mountain climb, and so on.

I stopped paying attention and voting in this silly competition a while ago. Ever since SJ Green's greatest catch (in the history of football) lost to a routine Westin Dressler catch. The problem is that Rider fans don't have the mental capacity to be impartial. They vote for their team. It's not a "Who's your favourite team?" vote. It's a "Vote for the best play". Maybe they think winning the Play of the Year will make up for only having won a handful of Grey Cups?

Correction, a handful is 5. Riders are a bit short handed.

Ditto. Last year, I participated, voting for the plays I thought were the better of the two. But that Dressler catch, where he was wide open after the defender ran into the official, beating Green's one-handed catch at the very back of the endzone? Absolutely ridiculous. That's when I lost interest in the whole thing too.

I haven't even looked at what plays were selected this year because there's no point.

Not to worry, pretty soon it'll be SSK vs SSK in the final and the rest of the league will collectively yawn at the stupidity of it all.

Hopefully TSN gets the message and abandons fan voting on this entirely. The experts are a lot more capable since they can do more then vote for their team no matter what. Either that or do two of them: the Rider play of the year, and the Rest of the CFL play of the year.

What is really sad is, can you imagine the crying if the Tristan Jackson play was won against the Riders. The obvious blocking from the rear that wasn't called would still be front page new in regina.

I was gonna bring up the Dressler catch as well. He dove for a ball, something that happens like every second game. And it'll most likely win, because it's Weston Dressler.

Whaaaaaaaa..... god the whiners on this thread. And they say Rider fans are whinners lol. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Is there any football fans outside of the Riders fans? :wink: Don't fault us if your teams fans can't compete and yes we know we are not the best fans in the CFL.

FYB, based on friends who live in both Calgary and Vancouver the amount of "skiing, hiking, ocean play" is less than I do from Regina. You see I don't live in my parents basement with my family, I actually own a house! According to a trip three weeks ago to see BC HYdro, that is why they can't attract any talent to move there cause no one can afford to live there lol. We have lots of "BC" people moving here, thank GOD none of them follow the CFL :smiley: I can afford not only to ski, camp, boat, skido, etc, but I too golf year around and will think about you on your soggy winter course next time I'm in Palm Springs or Vegas.

My house is twice the size of yours for a third the cost. Mortgage free is the only way to be baby, it's amazing what you can afford to do!! :rockin: :rockin:

May I present exhibit A for the totally messed up mentality of Rider fans that causes this nonsense.

This is the 'Play of the Year'. Not the 'vote for my team and totally ignore what we're actually voting on' competition. Everybody knows Rider fans would win that one. Not sure why it's such a hard concept for Rider fans to grasp that the idea is to vote for the best play of the year.

then dont base it on your friends. I dont live in my parents basement. I own a home. If things are so bad here, it is partly because throughout the 60's 70's and 80's, every tom dick and harry was moving here from the rest of canada. Must have had some good reasons. So, for now, housing prices are up and maybe not everyone can afford to be here, but for those that can, we have so many reasons to make it worthwhile doing. We have no need to go to palm springs as we have just about everything here.

I have lived 15 yrs in manitoba, mostly winnipeg. No amount of spendable cash would make me move back.

You have no idea the size of my house, most houses in the prairies are nowhere near twice the size, unless you are really rich, say rich enough to live in vancouver with no problem. Now your lot maybe twice the size, but I am happy with my 7200 square feet, dont need anymore. It would just be more to care for, grass cutting etc.

and if people are leaving BC, all the better for that. Too damn many people here now, and less people means less demand which indicates possible cheaper housing in the future.