Saskatchewan @ Calgary

Calgary needs to start taking resumes for a new kicker.

Andre Proulx off to a good start on describing the penalty on the Rider punt.

Yikes. Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

Rene (asterik) Paredes is definitely off these days. Doesn't seem to bother the Stamps much as they continue to score regardless.

Of course, I wouldn't shed a tear if a missed field goal costs them a playoff game :cowboy:

Looks like Nik Lewis is the go to guy this game. They must be trying to get him into game shape for the playoffs!!




Toston's first run for 41 yards reminded me of Kory Sheets... Even his running style looked like Sheets. I know it's early, but call me impressed so far!

Kerry Joseph has still got it!

Just wait to the second half when he runs out of gas.

Wow nothing like rewarding a qb for a 5 yard underthrow like calling pi.

No doubt!!! That's a huge call in this game too... Still one half to go!

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Joseph beat Drew Brees in the accuracy competition!

What was the point of going for 2? They still would've needed a TD. I would've just kicked the PAT.

Got it back on a safety where the rookie should have left the ball bounce in the EndZone.

And then another holding call took away a 25 yard run from Messam

Kerry Joseph is too old. As long as he's quarterbacking for the Roughriders, they won't win another game this season.

I think abandoning the run game was more of the story in this self destruction. brutal brutal brutal play calling in the second half.

Well that quickly went to hell in a handbasket for the Riders... :lol:

Normally 27 is enough to win. Not sure why they only ran 5 times in a second half where you are up by 13.

Considering how they've been playing with out him, he's at least making them competitive...

Thought Joesph was too far over the hill to be playing again, but he actually was playing pretty good until the 4th quarter…then I went back to thinking he was/is too old. Yikes, that was ugly

Yep… And when they made the right play call, a frickin holding penalty would negate the yards… The team (and coaching staff) is playing to lose, rather than playing to win…

The bye week can’t come soon enough… The team needs to take a few days off and go soul searching.
Come back for Edmonton and playoff push fresh and with focus