Saskatchewan @ BC GDT

Lets get this going!

Costly fumble by Glenn early on when they had a nice drive going.

Early TD by Jennings, avoided a couple of sacks on back to back plays.

Nice start by the Lions.

Go Lions Go

And the aliens have returned the real Macho Harris. They should have kept him and left the imposter that was on the field last week

Kevin Glenn needs to calm down, 2 early turnovers, both gifts.

The terrible quality of play in all of the games this year has led me to switch from watching every single CFL game to just watching the Riders games. And I've tuned out more than a few of those this year.

The way this is going, at least I have Chelsea playing Southampton on Sportsnet 360. So there are options

Glenn's getting shown up by the rook so far.

BC has looked pretty good so far. The Riders have looked nothing like the team from last week.

Southampton has managed to tie it up at 1 with Chelsea with just minutes to go in the first half

Hawkins didnt catch that. Surprised Suitor and Cuthbert missed it when it was pretty obvious on one replay.

Why is Tedford running the clock down? His team has all the momentum.

Which is why we'll stick with our rook and hope he can do the same next week! :smiley:

Rainey certainly didn't do the team any favours when he ran that ball out of the end zone and Leone gives up 2 to put the Riders on the board.

Well 14-5 now. BC mostly has themselves to blame for giving some momentum back to the Riders. Poor decision by Rainey and then the decision to take the safety backfired.

Don't know what the big deal is about the time issue, BC is on pace to blow out Sask. - 20-5 Lions at halftime

And the Riders then show you how not to play defense, and it's 20-5 again. Jennings has looked really good, hasn't been a great game yet though.

... another embarrassing performance from the Riders in the first half. Cannot wait for the off season. They need new DBs.

Yes, I'm also looking forward to the off season and the 2016 Roughriders.

Jennings is lights out, he is getting better each week and could replace Lulay is this progression continues.

Wow really... BC is on route to blowing out the Riders :frowning: