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I just hate cocky attitudes of fans who think their team cannot lose to a certain team. Every team in this league has a chance to win on any given night. I'm sure not taking Halmiton lightly tonight.

I'm glad BC lost, it should bring some of their fans down to Earth.

It was a BS call, but that goes both ways. One of our DBs was called for pass interference on Simon late in the game, when he made a pretty good defensive play. He arrived the same time as the ball did and knocked it away, but got called for PI. The officials have made some questionable calls on all teams this year.

I gotta go with Blue. I'm getting tired of the B.C. fans droning on about how the Lions are down to their third string QB. Boo hoo. Like the other teams in the league don't have injuries. :roll:

And like the esk fans and bomber fans don't complain. what did you forget about last year already.

Um... that was LAST YEAR! I haven't heard any bitching from either team yet. Quit living in the past. :wink:

well let the bitching from winnipeg begin

I guess I'll have to give you that one. :lol:

If you truly think that the Lions don't have more injury troubles than the rest of the CFL you are out to lunch. The quality of the players injured on the Lions right now is probably more than the rest of the injured players in the CFL combined, and no I am not even close to joking about that.

We saw what a healthy BC line-up could do last year, and that is steam-roll through the entire CFL. Once we get healthy this year we will do it again.

It was a good game, some things made me mad (the offensive pass interference on Fantuz, i didn't know that running a hook pattern and then getting run into from behind was a penalty, Also Joseph missed at least 3 wide open players for what would have been big gains) Yes BC is injured, but its not as if backups are that bad, just look what Kyle Mitchell did last week, and Lance frazier is doing a mighty fine job for Eddie Davis. Anyways we will hopefully see you in the playofs and avenge last year and two years before that.

Good post, and if a team's starting QB and third stringer are comparable, they would be in massive trouble.

I don't think people realize how important DD and BP are to our team. They know our offense, our schemes, and are arguably the best 1-2 duo in the CFL. Losing both of them, one probably for the season classifies as more than a 'Jarius is not that bad' type of attitude.

If third stringers were as good as first stringers they would be starting, period.

Yeah you are right the Riders are no good.

As far as the penalties go, every team every week every game both ways get screwed by the refs all night long. Last week Hamilton got royally F'd by the refs in BC. The Interference call on SASK in the 4th was a crock of nothingness too, IMO.

Somebody was totally bragging last week about how BC was able to beat Calgary with all BC back ups playing.

I don't care who is playing, if the Riders had only Third stringers in I would still expect SASK to win.

As Donald Rumsfeld once said. . .

"You go to war with the army you have."

Its all cool. I think BC is a great team I have been saying it all year. Sask is looking good as well.

Why is it an issue to "only" beat a team by 12 points?

That is two majors. That is enough of a solid defeat. Just because it wasn't a blowout like the rest of the season has been going does not mean it was not a good win.

Having said that . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rock n' Roll.

A win is a win, just take it in stride. If I were a Rider fan I'd be pleased but not overjoyed with the victory last night. Given the injury situation that the Lions have, you take it in stride, be happy for a bit and move on.

Any team that played the Canucks last year when we rested Luongo knew that they caught a lucky break by playing an opponent without their best player. You still play hard and enjoy the win but it is not the same as beating a healthy Lions team.

We all saw what a healthy Lions team was capable of last season.

B.C. has had quarterback injuries up the wazzoo for years now. In past seasons it was because their offensive line was as porous (and as sturdy) as a used teabag. They're providing better protection this year, but still getting their QBs hurt. Most are made of stronger stuff.

It's a coaching decision to employ glass quarterbacks. It's a gamble: you use the best player, knowing that he's prone to injury, and hope that he'll be able to beat the odds and stay healthy. Buono took that gamble and lost.

If you're going to blame injuries, be sure to place part of that blame at Buono's feet.

Firstly, Buck Pierce is not a glass quarterback. Secondly, Buono took the gamble and it paid off with us hosting the Western Final for three straight seasons and a 2006 Grey Cup victory. If that's not winning the battle than I'm not sure what is.

You might not be joking, but most people reading the line in bold are laughing.
But except at the QB position, where of course we have no injuries, the quality of players the Riders have down right now are just as good, and just as important to out team as your players are to you.
Now the QB position is obviously very important, but after listening to the Leo fans ramble on all off-season how even JJ was better than most of the other starters in the league, it will be refreshing for you to now respond to my post and concede the guy is a third stringer because he should be--for most teams, or alternatively, you can stop yapping about all your injuries.
I mean, you really have only those two choices, because it is ridiculous to think you believe the BS you are feeding us about the rest....

Here is the real argument.
If as you so fervently believe, the Lions are so deep, and so much better than every other team, then losing a few players should not impact the Lions as much as other teams.
If the Lions are light years ahead of the Riders in talent, and we lose the same number of starters as you do (which by the way was the case), it should impact us far more than it impacts you. You are claiming our starters aren't good enough to even compete with you, but somehow our backups can...? You can't possibly be conceding that we have more depth than you do?

Therefore, even if the outlandish things you are claiming were true, it still boils down to whining on your part.

Actually, if you check the injury totals, 'ole Bucky has a ton of them for the few games he has played in.
He is sporting 3 different injuries right now, and I wouldn't be surprised that if you did the math of minutes missed/minutes played, Bucky ain't exactly sturdy.....

But secondly, there was no gamble in playing DD.
If he is healthy he starts.

Washington the identical post in two threads....shows how whiny you're becoming about this.....