Definitely not the same game we saw a couple weeks ago. Still 8-1 with 3 left in the 2nd.

BC got dominated!

Hopefully the Bombers can do the same next week!

Hopefully! The Lions are reeling right now. It could be the perfect time to play them.

Green is the color, football is the game! GO RIDERS! We needed this. :smiley: :thup: :rockin: :cowboy: 8)

Riders Rule
Leos Drool

Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eh. This game wasn't nearly as exciting as the T.O./Montreal game.

2 great dee's going head-to-head
jarious was Ok until the 4th when he had to press
riders should be 5-1 - that loss in Edmonton still irks me.

What were you watching? The lack of execution, the disorganized blocking, the stupid undisiplined penalties, and the ridiculous Jim Popp play calls; Of course AC completed 10/10 he only threw for 65 yds.
Once again a display of the two least character laden and most over-blown teams does nothing to further the league or the fans enthusiasm.
If you call a slap fight by two sissies exciting, be my guest, I’d rather watch real football executed by teams that practice and play with pride and skill.

Popp doesnt call the plays.......

So much for an 18-0 season... :roll:

the mtl to game was a stinker, full of penalties. A thrilling OT finish doesn’t take all the shine off that game.
the riders-bc game wasn’t a shootout, but then why should two top teams each give up a wack of points? the offences game what the D gave them

Congrats to the Riders. They played a very good game. Since injuries are supposedly(?) part of the game, we shouldn't make excuses for BC. Also my hat off to the knowlegeable Rider fans who recongnized the fact they were playing a depleted team.

Forgive me the minor point, it still doesn't look like anyone calls the plays. The remainder is still valid.

You nailed it.

Congrats to the Riders. Your offense executed better than our Offense. You deserved the win.

Maybe now certain BC fans won't try and claim that their back-ups are better than the rest of the leagues starters :stuck_out_tongue:

Who's expected back for next week?

....Austin has got the Riders looking like a very solid contender in the west.....congrats. ...they beat a very solid B.C. club... leos are missing some very key people...but then so are a lot of clubs....the rubber match between these two should be a good one..... :rockin:

What about Toronto's comeback in the second half to force the OT?

My guess would be Buck Pierce.

The. Riders were the only team currently able to beat us, and they did. Though that being said, they were only 12 points up on us, against a team with their 3rd stringer in, and half the secondary out, or playing out of position.

O-line played well last night, as did the D-line.

That interference call in the first half was a bulls.hit call. It happened right in front of us, and even a couple of Rider fans behind us commented that the Riders got a lucky break there, that the call should have been against the Riders, not the Leos.

The way your offence is going, I think every team is currently able to beat you.