Saskatchewan at Ottawa GT, Sun. August 30, 3:30 pm et

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Ottawa Redblacks
Sun 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

When a team is 0-8, it is high time to change the losing recipe and find a way to win games. Especially when most of the games lost have been squeakers. Apart from cutting down on stupid, stupid penalties, the Riders need to control the ball more to help Brett Smith out more and keep the opponent's offense off the field. I am astounded how under-utilized Jerome Messam has been in the running game for the better part of a month. If Saskatchewan can get 15-20 carries from him, the chances of winning go way up. I think Ottawa has enough to capitalize on Rider mistakes and brain farts though, so it will be a case of what unfolds early determining the course of the game. Corey Chamblin has not succeeded in applying the brakes to this descent and it could become a free fall if 0-9 happens!

Oski Wee Wee,


P.S. SB Chris Getzlaf is out for Sunday's game with an apparent leg injury . The Riders go from bad to worse!

Saskattoonaweans getting 1 under the win column this afternoon.

Yea, good call there Ryan......... :roll:
REDBLACKS only one game behind

"Saskatchewan, they remind you of the 2014 version of the RedBlacks" (Black 2015)


35-13 YOW at the 3 min warning in the 4th

SSK,WPG and BC all suck!
Its really starting to look like a crossover from the East this year.

35-13 YOW,

Thats Chamblins last game as a RR HC,

Mark my telegraph

In breaking CFL news the Riders mascot is dropping the G. He will now be known as Gainer the Opher.

That's funny - did you come up with it?

No way! it's off the net. :smiley:





OWEN ...........NINE :wink: :wink: :wink:

Yah pretty much why i dont gamble! If it wasnt for bad luck...yada yada yada

Purolator has contacted the riders, begging them not to start Tino.
Cannot afford the tackle hunger sack donations